1. The smell is awful. It really sends a negative message when you get a whiff of it. The same way smelling someone that wreaks of alcohol. It’s not a good look.

  2. I've smoked marijuana virtually everyday since I was 16 years old except at certain times on probation. I used to smoke a 1/4 oz or more a day when I was younger, i developed severe anxiety in my 20s and now require my prescribed valium and/or gabapentin along with my marijuana to fully enjoy the experience, but on the upside the marijuana heightens the effects of the medications. I 💘 smoking 🌳 and plan to smoke it til i die, the lady who says it causes cancer is full of shit marijuana is known to cure cancer.
    Edit: I'm 32 and to answer tbe guys question, marijuana immediately calms me down if im angry because it changes the way I think.

  3. MI Represent do we know how to vote or what?! I'm up north 906 wake n baking as we speak 🌟 burst and mint 🍪 that 🔥 the new law saved me $160 to Lansing as the recreational laws are pretty much the same as medicinal laws in our great state, however I do keep my expired card on me just because…

  4. hellow sir…iam using marijuana since 2013 till 2019..and i may afraid that i have some problem producing on my body…

  5. It hampers our ability to process water. Even if that was the only negative thing about it, isn t that enough. I ve used it 50 yrs, I could write a book about what I ve found, the only positive effect I can think of is it s ability to do what doing shrooms does. It canchange your life forever, yet as a habit not a ritual, it s poison kinda like garlic and oinions

  6. I wanna know how do some use marijuana for anxiety and what type of thc is used for antianxiety? Also how do you not get anxiety from smoking thc? I'd really like to know. Let's be grown ups we all have smoked at least once some more than a couple times but I can't anymore I used to get panic attacks plse share someone? Never smoke and drive no matter how experienced you are seriously IDC if it's legal.

  7. if you smoke weed everyday, you are a victim and will pay a high price eventually. ( and i dont mean $$) i feel sorry for kids in legal states. Terrible for school too. Decrriminalize DO NOT legalize. They only legalize to make money and try to save the states budget. they could care less about health

  8. Marijuana has many health benefits when I had seizures for 14 years marijuana helped my
    seizures decrease from many a week to a few a month. I had brain surgery for my seizures and it worked but all I can say is it really did help me and I still Vape for other health problems better than taking a methadone or oxycodone but everybody is opt to there own opinion. Lets ban alcohol would save thousands of lives a year


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