The Dark Side of the Video Game Industry | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

On the latest episode of Patriot Act, Hasan takes a look at how the video game industry has grown into a $139 billion a year business and a cultural force.


  1. Capitalists will always give as little as possible to their workers unless we band together to pry it from their blood stained hands

  2. "Add up Kanye, Tom Brady, LeBron James and Mike Trout and they are still no match for a Swedish dude named Felix who loves the n-word ."

  3. Similar thing (ok I might be exaggerating a bit) happens with physicians when they burnout in training and practice. Failure to unionize is also of concern in this field. Would be a great future episode. Thanks!

  4. I didn’t realize any of this was going on wow. Things really do need to change or the future for gaming is going to go downhill fast

  5. Honestly a lot of people who play the games, like myself, don't like microtransactions either. Not only that, but the way the gaming industry treats its employees has a pretty direct impact on the final product and reduce quality of games overall (LA Noire's development nightmare is an example of this) so honestly gamers should care just as much about these practices. The only people who benefit at the end of the day is management, not the employees, and not the consumers.

  6. Kotaku is a gaming news site? Since when? All they've been doing is spreading lies and seeking attention. Why use Kotaku as a source? It's like how Polygon tried to preach how Attack on TItan Anime had "fascist" undertones…..Sorry, what? Ever heard of world building fluff? Then I see 'Meg Jayanth', If I'm not wrong she was stirring up lots of trouble. Maybe I'm incorrect about Meg here.

    "It wasn't a fart"…. Kotaku doesn't have a sense of humour either. They can only lie through their teeth while spreading half-truths.

  7. Been working in the game industry for a long time I can totally relate to everything he says! specially on my previous job and since I quit I feel happier …

  8. Hasan please make a video on these loot boxes which the games use to make money.
    They are outright gambling and the worst part is children don't realize
    it and a not a single person is thinking about its implication in the long run.
    I read so many articles where people have spent thousands of dollars on these loot boxes due to its gambling kind of nature.

    Its good to know that the Netherlands have gone through this gambling style loot box nature and told these company's that it violates there gambling laws.I guess that should make a strong point that these micro-transaction's via loot box is outright gambling.

  9. Hey man, maybe don’t throw shade on Pewdiepie if all you know about him is from the hit-pieces that have sprung up about him in certain publications. You’re irresponsibly propagating a sad and slanderous lie to the millions of people who watch your show about a young man who’s had to answer and has already dearly paid for some very stupid mistakes. As a fan of Felix's, I can attest that he’s made a couple VERY poor choices over the years but I can also confirm that he has been a stand-up guy and a total class act issuing very thoughtful and sincere apologies, owning up wholly to those poor choices and growing from the experience they provided. He’s evolved from being an obcene, abraisive and socially irresponsible man-child (whom I did not like at all back then) into a principled entrepreneur and respectable human being. He hardly even swears on his channel anymore. He very clearly isn’t racist and definitely does not “love the n-word”. This is the first time watching your show that you’ve been so horribly wrong about someone as far as I can tell. Otherwise, I love your stuff and keep it up.

  10. I can confirm that gender discrimination amongst players is a real problem just as well, not only the sexism amongst game developers.

  11. I got a big problem with the sexist problem in gaming cuse 1st I don't really belive that 48perct are females cuse I play alooooooot and I very rarely find I girl and many times when I find them they act like dicks but maybe I just have bad luck

  12. Hassan please do a piece on misusing of scientific research and advocacy group funded studies
    You used a study that indicated that more than half of gamers are female in this piece but the problem is that while you used this to indicate that half of pro gamers are female what the study actually reflects is that half the people that have at any point during last week played are female which is quite different from spending hours and playing nonstop like a pro
    While i do support every point that you made using studies incorrectly is like shooting yourself in the foot
    These innocent mistakes are how climate change deniers hold onto their positions
    Thanks for the excellent work

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