1. Ecig aren't tobacco. Its nicotine….and I vape don't smoke. I vape at school though….in the fn gender neutral bathrooms…. bahaha They Gtfo they

  2. Woow wooow!! In that little thing… wow, amazing what technology does nowadays 😂😂😂🤣 lol. I’d make fun of you so hard doctor.

  3. I feel like if you want to actually make a point about the dangers of calling then stop just talking about the dangers of nicotine. We know it’s a addictive. This isn’t news. I know lots of people who just started using zero nicotine vape juice thinking it wouldn’t be a health problem anymore. Nobody can explain how it’s dangerous if u take nicotine out of the equation

  4. 1.2 million deaths every year from tobaco……. 6 deaths from vaping in 10 years and that bcos kids modified ther mods and use illegal flavors

  5. Why can’t people have common sense and find healthy ways of dealing with stress and boredom like exercise, clubs, or hanging out with friends and family…u don’t need to kill your body with alcohol, nicotine and tobacco…especially with those who aren’t even 18 yet…it’s such a shame people get drawn into this as they’re damaging themselves to live shorter lives

  6. I find it odd that it was the Juul that was black marketed with dangerous life threatening ingredients. The Packaging Looks like a Juul but the Juice itself looks different and it’s deadly.

  7. First of a juul pods are suppost to have as much nictoine as 20 cigarettes. People go threw a pack of cigarets a day.

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