The biggest con artists in the marijuana business. Puff, puff, pass on Puffy Delivery.

Puffy Delivery claims to be the Amazon of Cannabis, I’d say it’s more like the Theranos of Cannabis. Last time, we exposed Michael Ng as the owner of LoL …


  1. Those puffy delivery deuche bags are fake ass fuck all there cars are rentals there just fakers on social media

  2. this is the problem with all review sites. its a pay to play for 5 stars and many of the review sites keep a blind eye to the scams

  3. Too late bro, I already fkd up and got a delivery last night. I was scammed for 68.45, what a huge disappointment. Do not buy Select carts, they use plastic cylinders instead of glass. Fucking datdude on instagram said select carts are clean, tf does he know.

  4. i knew i recognized the scumbag douche in the thumbnail, owner of LoL Edibles biggest ripoff edible manufacturer out there

  5. As more services like Eaze and puffy pop up, the consumer will find they are nothing more than your traditional middle man pushing mids. Anyone can claim they are at the top of the game, but fortunately for us consumers: we will call out these bad companies early and if they don’t respond with improvements, these companies will be left in the dust for years to come. The consumer needs to be informed of vertically integrated businesses that care about the quality of flower and their consumers who buy products from them. It will take a year or two but companies will rise up and improve the poor market that is cannaBS delivery in California. Delivery is poised to be the success of future cannabis.

  6. Great video. I’ve always had a funny feeling about the THClear stuff idk they just always seemed a bit sus. Makes total sense now, thanks dude!

  7. I looked up their reviews on Leafly and it is the same thing.! How can you do a review for 6 different dispensaries in 2 different states on the same day ?

  8. I’ve tried to place several orders through Puffy Delivery in the past but no one ever showed up and was never contacted back.

  9. Wowww makes sense Puffy is run by the same douche.. I tried to order from them twice and each time they had a 1 1/2 hr "processing" time just to locate the products smh. Then another 1 1/2 hr to deliver the products to you. With an ETA of 3 hrs they were still late and delivered the wrong products as well. Above all else Puffy has been writing a plethora of fake reviews DAILY for their own delivery services on Weedmaps. Saying obvious BS like they got a 30 min delivery when their own policy is f'ing 3hrs min. Keep it up Weeats, expose these POS. They def don't deserve a chance in the legit market.

  10. i tried lol edibles back a while ago. tbh bought a 500mg bar & it felt like it was worth only 180mg . only got 2 out of 5 people with good tolerances high. lol. these guys need to improve their products…

  11. Hahah got em! The two dislikes are from puffy delivery XD yeah I got lol edible like 2-3 years ago, I been getting edibles weekly since 2012 kinda knew which ones to trust after some time of experimenting and trying new ones. Always avoided after that and the edibles wrapped in plastic wrap, cheesy labels,

  12. This is just a taste of what's to come my friends do you think your pharmaceutical companies your Marlboro company is your Miller lights your Bud Lights do you think these corporations truly give a f*** if you live or die no they just want your money to use your money and they'll take it all and leave you an empty husk of a person in the end or dead

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