1. God is the only way! Jesus Christ paid with his very life for our soul's. There is nothing more important than that. Nothing. God is good, God will judge us every single person that has ever existed. You are either going to be with him for ever or be banished from his presence forever. That is a fact whether you believe it or not. Accept Jesus Christ and let him set us free!! The devil's time as the ruler of man on Earth will end. His lies and manipulation will end and every knee will bow to Jesus Christ. Hell is real and many will end up there! God wants a relationship with us and save us from our selfish desires. God is the only way.

  2. Time is up we are at the end of this journey Although if ppl that say they are believers & still are doing their own thing living for themselves then u are fooling yourselves. Stand UP ☝ Rise up get right with Yahshua stop living in sin. Repent daily if it is needed pray for the conviction of the HOLY SPIRIT. For all thoughts to come into total complete captivity to Yahshua

  3. Thank you Holy Spirit for letting me flea when Satan tempted me with. The flesh!!! Yes, if not for your help I would of done. Something ithat wasnt pleasing to you!!! I repent!!!

  4. My heart aches from pity… I decided to stop being on social media… The amount of reprobate minds and hate in the people…. I try to preach His love and they reject me, like they did to Christ… They hate me because I proclaim his name .. give me strength, Lord.

  5. I have a question and I prey that the godly and truly godly among you can answer me truthfully. May he or she who is without sin answer my questions. Why is there no other way but gods way? Why is it we who did not ask to be here are here? Although I am greatfull why doth thou ruin my gratitude. Why doth thou not liketh me although we have never met? Why lie about free will then tell us we have none of our own if we are too reach salvation? Why do we exist when we can’t be free of the burden of sin and why are we seen as sinners if we are not born to be nor did we ever have the intention in the beginning to sin? Why doth thou wish wrath upon thine brothers and sisters because they do not fall in line with biblical testament? Do they not have a relationship with god too? Is god really so offended for these and our souls not to be of his will or vision? Why tell us about free will if the underline intention is servitude. Why make fruits we ought not to enjoy? Why curse people with scripture and get in the way of god claiming that thee are of the lord thyself clutching a bible written by the hand of man whom he closer to the entity and almighty father that you have not met or seen? How can thy hate thine brothers and sisters who sin, but claim to love god? The adversary is tempted to fight a battle over you due to you condemning of your kind. Why hast though and even in the corruption of the church deceived the lost spirited? Why hast thou cursed the bastard and the homosexual? When even the blood parented and the straight-man or woman has caused and are accustomed too the same devastation? Personally why is it that every time I get closer to god these videos are thrown in my face to shake my faith? Why doth though not watch thine tongue and from which spirit do you speak? The reason I ask if the watcheth thine tongue, is because thine tongue nowadays givith the adversary more power with thine testimony of his might. Which for gods sake, we pretend that we never spoke of it. When you speak don’t speak on the enemy or the works of the enemy speak only of gods glory and let the people read the work of the enemy. It’s already in human consciousness that problems are highlighted, in thine minds is the adversary crowned and thine tongues speaketh in fear and excitement of his news. Instead of speaking in that manner about the works of the adversary speak in that same manner but more about God Almighty. If you are too speak prophecy speak on the works of god and do not highlight the adversary. Speak of the adversary and he shall appear, ignore the devil and he shall flee from you.

  6. The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him— the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord — and he will delight in the fear of the Lord . He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears;

    Isaiah 11:2‭-‬3 NIV

    https://bible.com/bible/111/isa.11.2-3.NIV 💖🙏✨

  7. Even so, come LORD, come quick.

    But before then, prepare us and sanctify us with Your WORD and protect us from sin with Your Love.

  8. God Bless you Carter Conlon! Truly you have taken up the Mantle of David Wilkerson. We love you and need the Word of God in this late and Apostate hour!

  9. A few years ago, I would have thought your words were crazy. I now understand your words to be so very true. May God save us all from the influence of the devil that is pervading the nations.

  10. It crushes my heart to hear this fine, upstanding man, teach the heresy of the pre-trib rapture. I feel for him when he learns of the deception he respoke to so very many.

  11. Believers must share the gospel of Jesus Christ while they still can! Yes, some will reject you, but believe me, most won't. Jesus is the answer! He is the same yesterday today and forever. He has not changed. He still defends the woman the pharasees wanted to stone, He still heals, He still Does not condemn, but saves, Loves and Forgives! We must spread the gospel of Jesus Christ ((not our church organization) but Jesus!

  12. I've been hit so many times by arrows stabbing me from all around and all at once, I am battling…especially at work where corruption is done in the open and what is wrong is being looked at as if it were ok or normal. At home with my family, there are battles going on as well and I'm left standing alone. I know whats happening, I know what's going on… I know you're with me Father but sometimes I feel so alone, lost in the fight and then you lead me here and I hear your message Lord and your WORD and I feel rejuvenated and empowered and so I wipe the tears away and once again I am back in the fight. I am so thankful and I am so blessed that I am still here. I know my purpose and I know what I need to do.,,,just give me the strength Lord to be able to stand with You in the end. Thank you Father, thank you Jesus and thank you Holy Spirit. I Love You Lord.

  13. Wow. The Holy Spirit led me here and with reason. This preaching helped me reconsider everything. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  14. I believe, and I’ve truly seen God move mountains in my life in the most supernatural way that I’ve only read about in the Bible years ago. God is alive today – and he can move mountains today as he did at the beginning of time. Today is a day for all of us to be humbled and repent and accept God. Hard for me now to not have the desire to scream this to the world, especially those I love to wake up and turn to God before it’s too late!

  15. One of the most amazing messages I’ve heard in a long time. I message of hope and truth – for us those least deserving. God is good – too good to allow those of us not only to hear but to understand and believe this message. This message needs to be spread because it will save many – many who fell and had no hope like me. But I do now! I hope so many others hear this message and believe it too! I now worry not about myself, but about those who don’t hear God calling and respond. About those who will face God at the final judgment day – for it will glorify God in their destruction due to their stubborn, closed, proud and unrepentive hearts. And today my heart breaks for such people. Thankful today that I was blind but God opened my eyes and I now believe. There’s no turning back. None of us are perfect, but there’s those of us who believe that Jesus paid for our sin and imperfection. And that’s good enough for me to be able to worship God and have the opportunity to approach the throne of grace daily with a retentive heart.

  16. Oh Lord Jesus Christ please help me with my think and my familyWith theirs. Please Lord forgive me for everything that I’ve done. And please hope all those who don’t believe in you. And help them find you. Please help me my family, my friends, my town, my state, my country, and the world.

  17. Satan is locked up…
    Causing all of this?

    Why does the bible say "god" sends evil then you believers say Satan does unless "god" is Satan?

  18. I see pple comment he is good man but Mark 10:18why do you call me good Jesus replied no one is good but only God the the one alone .but pray for this man And his family everyone must test everything . 1thessalonian 5;21 great message Shalom to everyone

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