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  2. Pat R….. Just like the other Trumpster you just keep on defending all of this mans lies and self-dealing. Fortunately, your staff corrected you on which son was involved in the gas deal with the Ukrainian Government, but you should have known that before you ever opened your mouth today. As to Donald Trump asking the President of Ukraine about something that happened years ago, it is not his right, according to the Constitution. He can't even have the State Department investigate the matter at his bequest. The bottom line, if you were honest with your so-called Christian self, is that he is looking for dirt on his opponents for the 2020 elections, and if he can't find it he will just make it up.
    The Ukrainian Government has stated that they have no knowledge of anything illegal by either Biden and remarks made by VP Joe Biden were directed at Viktor Shokin's laxed views on the rampant corruption taking place in Ukraine. Biden was representing the official position of the U.S. government, a position that was also supported by other Western governments and many in Ukraine, who accused Shokin of being soft on corruption.
    After 12,000 lies that this president has told, don't you think it's time to try Google instead?

  3. This president is standing up for the rights of Christians around the world and the world hates him for it, that's why they want impeachment. Our lord has used many men in our past that were in a bad place but put them in power to open our eyes. These are those times my friends, my brothers and sisters of faith. Love all

  4. Apparently the crime is bringing fraud, extortion and theft to the attention of the nation being defrauded, extorted, and stolen from.

  5. Why do you tell the women to "Bind Satan"? Satan is GONE. Along with all his demons and all the witches. YEARS ago, my church prayed for Jesus to destroy Satan and his demons, to remove them forever from this world and never let them return. And, as Jesus promised us in the Bible, God did as we asked.
    Trust in God, not your false idols, Pat.

  6. That's why the Democrats don't want President Trump in office people in office high risk of getting caught money under the table my hat's off to president Trump for doing something about it things like that been going on too long

  7. Dems just don't give up w impeachment, keeps stalking the President. Never seen anything like this rabidness! But than there's God! Trump is God's appointed; he's not going anywhere. Once again, it will backfire. Dumb Dems. It will further galvanize and increase Trump's numbers. God bless our President!

  8. Biden is on video bragging that he had the Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating the company Hunter Biden got a deal with, by threatening to withhold a billion dollars in US aid if he wasn't fired! There's the corruption.

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