1. Ahh America, where the dumbing down of society continues. Today "everyone" has a medical condition, just to smoke dope and make them dumber than they already were.

  2. Welp dislike for recommending me this video 4 times and not even containing the strain I was looking for that whole time

  3. Our dr jolly’s dispensary in bend Oregon has interspecies erotica 34.86% THC bomb af Check out my short video on it

  4. All that THC % is complete nonsence!!! Its not the amount of thc but the wualuty type of it!! Best world strains such as thai and colombian gold including many best indica barely got 15% thc..yet they are much more potent then all those fagets hybreeds.

  5. Ummm this must be just for the states my guy i regularly bought a 20 dollar a g strain called muarte 36.7% thc lmao 100% indica grown in british Columbia ✌ Canada is where its at and the hydroponically grown shit goes above that even so

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