1. I'm an Aloha growmie and so appreciate the video bro! Haven't grown since I was a kid so this is great to watch. Mahalo! (Thank you)

  2. Im not trying to tell what to do but you should try using 2 x 12 redwood planks because the treated wood has all kinds of shit in it that's toxic!

  3. Smoking on that star dawg its sunday morning 26 may im in my happy place .peace safe and ting love from Manchester uk love these videos thanks for sharing all this knowledge your the illest man truly

  4. I got a question bro if u leave ur weed plants in a shady area to avoid burn damage on leaves would they still be getting all the light they need in the shade ??

  5. Great looking outdoor grow thx for sharing buddy checkout my videos and sub I’ll be starting my outdoor season soon thx,✌️hippie jimmy ✌️

  6. Love your grow channel man i have a quick question. I live in michigan and i was wondering if i have a privacy fence and throw up a greenhouse back there would it be legal?

  7. ladies looking lovely as usual bro 🙂 Blue Cheese is one my all time favorites. Known to have some CBD in it also

  8. If you put the plant deeper in the ground the branches you took off grow big roots out of them and you still have the root ball on the bottom of the stock

  9. So do you grow for personal use or do you play the weed fairy role? Haha. If you are good and share your weed the weed fairy will come when you are in need. If you are bad and don't share a bit the weed fairy will come and take your shit. 😉

  10. Hey man new to the channel,so far loving it.well im in need of some tips for my first grow this season, if we could get in touch by email that would be great man.really appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

  11. Shout out to you my guy, I’ve picked up a couple of tips off your other grow & my plants are doing way better! 👍🏻

  12. @kaligrownbudz Once again fire line up.. your channel and it’s content is growing literally 👍🏼.. I love train wreck . I’m with you the whole grow growmie

  13. So dope dude I watched all last year and then go to work in my own garden coz I’m in Australia 🇦🇺 haha now just harvesting and watching your season start it works out dope as bro

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