The 2019 Garden Of Weeden – “Gutting” Out Your Plants For Maximum Yields!!!

What’s up to my growing family around the world!!! I just wanted to share with y’all my secrets to getting massive yields!!! These are my tips and techniques that i …


  1. Great video! Question: I live in a very warm climate. My plants have done great over the last two summers, even with temps well-above 100 F for most of the summer. In winter we almost never get frost–haven't seen a frost in years. Can I also grow a winter crop outdoors, or will I have a problem with shortened daylight hours? I'm in Palm Springs, CA so winters give us only about 8 hours of light. Do the plants adjust to cooler temps and short daylight, or do I need to grow the plants indoors? Thanks!

  2. Great lesson on this topic. I did some more of this today. I 'm thinking i'm in the veg/transition phase on my seeded plants that are in the ground. Also did my fabric pots that are flowering. Last one for those ladies. Thanks for the visual man.

  3. Question referring this/ defoliation. I am in week 3 of flower slowly defoliating when should i stop i have only defoliated for about a week or 2

  4. to new growers that's a little scary snipping all those branches…but it pays off..good advice to the young growmies..subscribed

  5. Huge fan here and love the videos, I’m about 3 weeks before I flip my babes into flower and was wondering if it’s too late to gut them like this?!

  6. Who settle red Elm 100,,Hectacar,,is this lack 5 Crossmember,,,what sucker type? Is this a Mercury Capri Bumps long,,is this a Bill Y. Blass, Alien Coatings A-spree,,have you some sheet?

  7. Thanks for the great information. 2nd yr. grower here in Calif. Learning lots. Tons of great information from you. Will trim the crap out of mine tomorrow.

  8. Now when you clean them leaves up, do you ever have a problem with root rot or anything from the leaf dieing on top of the soil?

  9. Thanks for sharing your experience ✌ I honestly did this by accident once, I felt like I over trimmed my indoor hydro plant and thought I ruined it, turned out awesome with super dense buds, I ended up getting a half lb dry from my autoflower, 80 days flat, seed to finish!

  10. SO OK I GUESS I HAVE TO ASK , don't you sweat google earth vaders, or the BIG EYES IN THE SKY WITH THEIR BLACKED OUT BLACKHAWK COPTER?? Well actually your south of the 530, up here it's a no outdoor grow zone!! And can't use " TEMPORARY GREENHOUSES" Yep permits permits, codes and money!! It's a fuckery!!

  11. Well, looks like I'm hollowing out my plants now. I trust your work. Peaches are opposite, the outside growth comes off. Thanks for the share!

  12. What brand and model snips do you use? They look nice and compact, rounded tips as well. Maybe in a future video you can do a review of the tools you use and which brands you prefer. Assuming you haven't already, I'll go back through your releases and check.

  13. Sup brotha, my outdoor plants are in 15 gallon pots, about 3 ft tall with alot of vegetation. Is it ok to defoliate at this time, or is it too late?

  14. I'm in so cal and have 3 plants from seeds I have no clue what I'm doing how long till they can be outside? Where I live it get 115 degrees sometimes.

  15. Order some 79xmas bud seeds from humboldt csi. Its a strain from back in the day. We used to get it in michigan around thanksgiving it faded away mid 2000s. Cant find it anywhere. I ordered some seeds but they are super supper touchy. Not for a novice grower like me. The douche at the grow store recomeneded this organic seedling mix to start them in solo cups. Well that stuff did not drain. Even with 3 holes in the bottom of the cups and a bunch of holes all around the sides. I killed my seedlings and I am out of seeds. The website even said hard to grow. But I needed that weed. Best dope ever. Smells more like pine than a pine tree. Back in the day after 1 hit off a joint resin would start dripping down your chin.

  16. I'm growing some clones outdoors. They're about 14-16" now. When should I begin this process? And do you recommend bending if space isnt an issue? Thanks

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