Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence

An eye-opening report that reveals the link between extensive marijuana use and mental illness, as well as a hidden risk of violence linked to such use of the …


  1. I'm a cannabis user.
    This is the most unbiased interview about cannabis I've ever seen. From the comments I've read below sounds as if the pro weed folks have missed beresons point. He's simply stating cannabis isn't for everyone, and be careful if you use it.
    I agree with his views on bandwagon media issues. Sadly cannabis has become one of them.
    Just wanted to add, I don't think we can ever make a conclusion weather drugs cause psychosis or psychosis cause drug use. Maybe it depends entirely on who is using drugs and how they used them. If so the correlation causation argument is irrelevant.

  2. Well, clearly the solution to Berenson's book is to BOYCOTT him and everything that he has written EVER! (Sarc, in case it's not obvious)

  3. Coorilation doesnt equal causation. War on drugs is an attack on humanity and your going to hell for this. Hope your ahole falls out.

  4. I am 62 and have a severe spinal cord injury that cannot be fixed. My spinal cord is pinched at my brain stem, and I ruptured and bulging C2-3-4-5-6….
    I was on Pain Pills and Anti Spasm meds for 8 years…. I did real good on them and if I didn't need them, I didn't use them….Then one day here comes Big Pharma and the Darvocet I had been taking they decided was too dangerous, and now only drugs like Viocodin and Saboxone or Methadone would be the only pain meds available to me….
    The excuse they used to take the Darvocet off the market was that it raised the liver enzymes to high… Well I did my own research from their studies… Those SSRI drugs they prescribe like candy, well they raise the liver enzymes 3x higher than the darvocet ever did….But they took it off the market using that as an excuse…..After searching for the real reason I found that Darcvocet was the only successful pain pill that had no addiction issues ..But the Patent was expired…You could get 100 for less than $10.00 …..Where the viocodin was a lot more money, and the methadone and saboxone was hundreds of dollars, and those drugs were so addictive, usually by day 3 taken by doctors direction you would be addicted in 3 days and suffer withdraw … Well I wanted nothing to do with that…..So I suffered and suffered and so many sleepless nights or with only 2 or 3 hours…I was a wreck…..My doctor kept trying to get me to try Medical Marijuana for 4 years…I declined in fear that it was worse than Heroin cause that is what the TV always portrayed it that way…
    4 years later I finally gave in and got the Medical Marijuana….I was very surprised at how well it did…and no addiction issues…..I have been using it now for 6 years…The longest I have gone without it was 6 weeks, until I need it……
    I can honestly say, Medical Marijuana should be available in all states. On the other hand, I do not think it is a Recreational Drug. But then I think alcohol is a drug too…
    Like I said I am 62, and I never met a violent Marijuana user in my life. Actually they were lazy as hell.
    If you get violent on Marijuana, you have to already have a mental problem or taking other drugs with it. I grew up in the Hippie Generation . Most all my friends used marijuana, I was kind of an outcast, cause I didn''t use it. I tried it once at a party when I was 16, and stared at a light bulb for 4 hours, I said never again. Medical Marijuana should be legal Federally. But Not Recreational… And don't allow Big Pharma to get their hands on it… Here in Michigan before the politicians got a hold of it…We had licensed growers, and all patients had a medical marijuana card and you would find a grower who would grow your plants for you, and give you your allotment per month free, and then sell the remainder to the Dispensaries who also only sold to Licensed Patients …Now that the Politicians got their hands all over it, they want their cut, you know…? Now people like me cannot get Medical Marijuana cause we cannot afford it….Now that it is recreational in Michigan, only those who have lots of money can afford it….And they are collaborating with Big Pharma to push Big Pharma Marijuana……Don't ever allow big pharma to get their hands on it, or the politicians.

  5. "Cannabis doesnt really work as a painkiller" – It does. Cannabis doesn't cure, but it's an effective bandaid, example would be people who have serious menstrual pains on which non of medication prescribed by doctors worked.

  6. Well here's my take on this topic, marijuana is not the drug they've tried to say it is since they made it illegal, never should have been illegal and of all the substances out there including alcohol ( which may be the worst and it's legal) is the least harmful by a long shot. Marijuana has some healing factors and has been proven to help ppl in some ways. Just like with alcohol prohibition and how it was used as a medical treatment back then, in which it has some factors as well for taking away pain but it sounds silly saying I use alcohol for medical reasons don't it? It will be the same for weed in the future. We will be laughed at because it was illegal in the first place and ppl in the future will say wow those ppl were dumb as fk. That is if we make it there and by the looks of things we won't be smarter in the future, we'll be dumber, really just look at what we do now, they are trying to say gender doesn't matter with men dressed as women breaking woman's records, could go on and on with the ridiculous things that go on these days but that says enough

  7. I hope all know by now that nothing Alex Berenson says about marijuana is true. He is a propagandist dealing in lies and long-debunked junk science – equivalent to that other prohibition huckster, Kevin Sabet. — Mostly, Berenson tries to equate correlation with causation. – But researchers have found it's not that schizophrenic and other mental patients were somehow made that way by consuming marijuana, it's that many patients have been SELF-MEDICATING their illness with marijuana. — Recent research has shown most schizophrenic patients get effective relief of their symptoms with marijuana.

  8. He says the science is evident and then in the same sentence says there been no scientific studies to prove anything

    He just doesn’t like something and thinks everyone should just listen to him

    I respect a good debate, but he is saying he deserves to be heard without evidence because it’s evident his opinion is correct

    He flip flops too much. He wants it to be considered dangerous but he doesn’t think people should be criminally charged for it. You can’t have both, how about you let people choose their own paths in life m, if they fail because they can’t control themselves, just as with tobacco and alcohol, let them fail. If they succeed while using a mind altering substance, that’s fine.

    You don’t deserve to punish the entire country just because a small minority can’t control themselves. It’s like Puritan Christians, alcohol is completely a sin because a few people can’t handle alcohol so it’s a sin for everyone. God will punish you for sinning, etc.

    Correlation is not causation. Not everyone who has psychosis is violent. And it just may be people who were prone to psychosis sought out the drug to help with the onset of psychosis, there is no definitive proof it causes it.

    He just spouts opinions and is compelling people to obey his opinions while admitting it’s not dangerous but then says it’s dangerous. He’s not honest in my opinion. Leave honest people alone.

    Why would someone debate an opinion, you have no evidence….

    Rambling rant, but his wishy washyness is just so disingenuous.

  9. i can confirm . teenagers dont care about politics . the only way we care is if it’s something terrible like death or maybe even something crazy

  10. sorry ill take my chances with cannabis i would rather have a psychotic break than all the side effects of the pharmaceutical pills doctors prescribe some of which are more detrimental to the human body than the disease itself is. Now I'm not stupid there are some people who shouldn't partake but in the end this is supposed to be a free country to make our own choices and I'm a firm believer that what ever the fuck i do to my body is my fucking business. As well as every other human being. And the whole it doesn't help chronic pain is bull shit married to a woman who has been in four car accidents leaving her back so fucked that the only thing to do is to have surgeries to fuse her spine together or a spinal block. But she has been controlling the pain since before i knew she existed with cannabis plus you have actual stories of cases of seizures and cancer being completely either cured in some cancer cases to children who have hundreds of life debilitating and hindering seizures that were if not completely gotten rid brought down to single digit numbers for a whole month. It was used successfully as a medicine in the early days of man and is still proving to work. instead of continuing to try and fear monger people report on real shit big pharma big tobacco and big business in general the ones coating their own pockets with the money they pull from our still warm corpses. Its all about control and none of us have it even if we think we do all just numbers for them to make money on.

  11. Is it any wonder than you mention the Russian report at the start? Because you are just propaganda, and anyone who has done their own research would know that

  12. So what about the 1000+ food additives that America's FDA doesn't care about, which are illegal to add to foods in multiple other countries? Some cause schizophrenia.. What about Russia putting a ban on Americas meat because of the chemical that's given for mass? What about the issue Americas farmers have had with Monsantos gmo and tailored chemicals? What about India's issue with Monsanto? What about the pharmasutical buinsess that is causing damage to Americans? What about aluminum dust that's been proven to be used in areosoles or aluminum in your deodorant? Schizophrenia from cannabis huh? You are all full of shit and blind to the variables and I think the book writer should stick to fiction, he seems much better at compare cannabis to the danger of alcohol and cigarettes is a joke. The 1000+ chemicals I mentioned are likely the main culprit of the issues that this book writer dummy has brought call cannabis a dangerous drug is laughable..and the fact that they're calling it marijuana is even more of a joke..just proves the sheer ignorance being spewed from this dummy. An yeah, spray your pot plants with chemicals and smoke it and see wtf happens, dumbasses. And guess what, here in Arkansas if you extract said 99% pure "shatter" as the guy called it, which is actually an isolate or distillate, and get caught by the law with it, you will get charged as if it's equal to meth, since it's been manufactured. Oh and this same fictional book writer must support all the side affects of the multitude of drugs that are given to late HIV or aids or cancer patients huh, with some dying even faster because of the synthetic drugs or radiation they're given. Nice quip at anti vaxers and a comparison to cannabis supporters. And at the 19:55 mark where he talks about the extraction of thc, I would like to expand on the narrow minded view that was put forth, thc isn't the only product you get from the plant material and for medical use it is always a multi spectrum end product, meaning it with have CBD, and many of the other cannabinoids, and I want to highlight the fact that this fictional writer has either unknowingly or intentionally left out the process of a rosin press, the process of using low amounts of heat and high pressure to extract the cannabinoids.. without solivents.

  13. Tell Your Children: The Truth About ALCOHOL, Mental Illness, and Violence: Alcohol has caused more death and destruction than all other drugs combined. Marijuana is very mild in comparison to alcohol. Marijuana doesn't make people belligerent followed by a hangover lasting 2 or 3 days after. The Heritage Foundation
    doesn't pick on alcohol because they get their funding from the liquor industry. Alcohol use is the real problem not smoking pot.

  14. Smoking weed to help with pain? That's brilliant. Let's give someone who is in pain cancer to go along with it. No one is holding people down and forcing them to take opioids. If you are addicted to opioids, it's your fault.

  15. My favorite justification from potheads is this: "Stephen Hawking smoked weed!" By saying that, they expect you to put them in the same intellectual category as Hawking because they both smoked weed. They get the classic deer-in-the-headlights look when I ask them to name one theoretical particle.

  16. I read Mr. Berenson’s article through Hillsdale and shared it with my grandson’s and a couple of adults who have been smoking pot since the 60’s. While it’s certainly not a scientific study, every single one of my friends & relatives who have been long time users have shown varying degrees psychotic incidences over the years. Every time I attempt to give them (without an accompanying lecture) materials like Mr. Berensons’ I get the same response of denial of any evidence except that which supports their habit. Sadly, we’ll suffer through the wilderness until the results manifest themselves in just about every family. At the rate legalization is going, we shouldn’t have long to wait.

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