Taking CBD Oil For A Week – Will It Work?!

Stephanie has arthritis which becomes especially painful in winter. We’ve all heard a lot about CBD oil recently, but will it actually work for Stephanie? Let’s see …


  1. Did you take pills?
    Try an oil, hold it under the tongue. it bypasses the digestive system which is very important if you are like most of the population and your digestion isn't up to scratch.

    How much did you take?
    Did you try a larger dose?
    Sorry, I don't think you thought this through much at all.
    Clearly didn't do jack research.
    Ironically because you have a very serious condition and research, homework should have been at the top of your list.

  2. Shame it didn't work, it helped me with sciatica pain. I use the drops 600mg from Loveburgh, £36. Would be interested to know what strength your capsules were?

    PS. Is 7 days long enough? 🤔

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