Take a tour of the Aurora Cannabis production facility (in 4K)

Pot profits predicted to soar with legalization on the horizon, so here’s what a facility made to capitalize on the gains will look like. To read more: …


  1. Absolute garbage! Any thing mass produced is taking hits in quality,care. The craft grower does not need all this high tech equip and are end product will ALWAYs and Forever be better than Aurora

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  3. Natural nutrients are in the natural soil, natural air, natural water, natural light.. that are not in these unnatural growing,, all the natural medicines of the plant is replaced with chemical hormones in this case.

  4. That scanning entry from the lanyard around his neck looks awkward, he should have a retractable on his hip.

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  6. Wow. This place looks like a creepy dystopian lab for genetic experiments. So glad growing is legal in California. I have several happy plants in my yard growing in the sunshine and rain. This facility is too "Soylent Green" for me.

  7. I liked this beautiful tour and like getting my high grade patented processed CBD oil at a wholesale price.

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  9. Pure Bread-Heads…….medical cannabis my arse…..Pure Dollar more like.
    Snog/Marry/AVOID these capitalist morons who have hi-jacked the cannabis "industry?"

  10. getn over yourselves loser?
    you punk are now found to be all growing ion the side hahahahahah

    just like bikers hahahahahahahahahahahah

  11. Did 3yrs in prison for growing my own got a felony in Oklahoma for a joint 1.5 grams now its legal but the feds can show up and put these people in prison America laws are ridiculous

  12. lol are kidding i thought you people know what your doing. im glad stay doing what your doing january you say its know july weed should never be in plastic its wrong there is more than enoght trimings to make bags weed is no good in cotainer

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  15. i cant wait till people who arnt rich can open their own grow, all these titans will go down , many people can grow better then what you produce

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