1. Very neat mower! Wondering about what you would do with this when the blades get dull? It seems like nobody can sharpen reel mowers anymore now that they aren't popular.

  2. I get the mower "may" have a better cut, but for $3,500 bucks I would rather buy a riding mower or one of those roomba mowers.

  3. first battery operated mower i would be interested in seen it in other videos good attachments for it too but the price is a little much for me

  4. Awesome, but if I could afford that much for a mower , I’d probably hire a top of the line lawn service 2 maintain my property lol

  5. Love this mower but I can't justify the price. I'm just going to stick with my 40v Ryobi mower. Already have the other 40v lawn tools to go along with it anyway.

  6. The Electra is a fine reel mower that does a good job on shorter grass. I do not own an Electra, but I have been impressed with it from watching other channels. The battery charge is very good for a machine that size. I watched another channel recently using the dethatch attachment and this machine did an incredible job of dethatching the lawn and pulled up a lot more thatch than what appeared to be in that lawn. The dethatvh attachment, like the other attachments, is height adjustable so you can decide how much thatch to pull up. The Electra did this dethatching without a lot of disruption of the good grass in that lawn. There was so much thatch that the user removed the front catcher and threw the thatch out in front of the machine Afterwards the user raked up the thatch sitting on top of the lawn and disposed of it. This detatch job was done in preparation for overseeding this fall. The Electra did that dethatvh job very well!

  7. Allett has been making battery and electric plug in reel / cylinder mowers (mostly UK for plugin) for a lot longer than Swardman.

  8. You people and your bull s#!+ technologies to do everything😩👎
    Just stick with old relaiable…..GAS as in G(ASS) YOUR GRASS.
    and if your lawn mower wont start? Simple can of GUMOUT in the carburetor https://www.walmart.com/ip/Gumout-Carb-Choke-Parts-Cleaner-14-oz-800002231W/17128883?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&wl13=5295&adid=22222222227016740438&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=t&wl3=42967061192&wl4=pla-81459234752&wl5=9004496&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=local&wl12=17128883&veh=sem&gclid=CjwKCAjwtajrBRBVEiwA8w2Q8GyyMepgAnONQbwWPHtfa0T8NLeBSX38LeAzLXYPSYe2SYOGhK9P_xoCFAIQAvD_BwE
    and you'll be always off and running. Something doesn't work with the Swardman lawnmower?, your spending way more to fix one than perhaps buying a new gas lawnmower again.

  9. Didn’t Michal say there was 5 to 7 thousand charge cycles? I would assuming that it would last way longer than 10 years. Where did you get that 10 year figure from?

  10. I have a tall fescue lawn in Maryland. I did contact their US distributor . They told me the Edwin 2 is not for me, since I have tall fescue, They said the highest it cuts is a little below 2 inches. I cut 2.5 -3 inches depending on the time of year. I would really like one of these , however it cuts too short I was told.

  11. For that price … it should auto cut, auto stripe, etc. If a freebie like yours, I get it. But they’ve honestly turned me off to their brand since they’re needing to give so many away. HONDA HRX it is!!

  12. Let them provide me with a free one and I will review it too! All you lawn youtubers get that shit for free!! , and then expect us to buy a $3000.00 lawn mower? Cmon!

  13. Over $3,500 dollars for the 6-blade, and nowhere to ride on it either. My Gravely ZT-XL 42" Zero Turn didn't cost that much!

  14. Wow! Great mower!
    I really hesitate with the bumps in my lawn along with all the roots showing? I really like that it has all the extra attachments.

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