Swan Valley Heights – The Heavy Seed (Full Album 2019)

Artist: Swan Valley Heights Album: The Heavy Seed Release Year: 2019 Country: Germany Genre/Style: Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock, Grunge …


  1. nice festival type sound. Got an outdoorsy feeling from it. Particularly enjoyed Taking a Swim in Gods Washing machine.

  2. If you're into bands like King Buffalo, Weedpecker, Elephant Tree and Spaceslug this is probably right up your alley. Great stuff Swan Valley Heights!

  3. Great album! They sound like a mix of other bands, they do not sound like their own band, their own style, compositions, instruments, etc. Hahaha! I am joking! They ARE their own style sound, groove and jamming fantabulouso! Thanks for turning us on to this band!

  4. Cream with Ginger Baker on drums blended with Emerson, Lake and Palmer all wrapped up in Black Sabbath.
    I know you are reading this guys… just to let you know, you definitely have a future.

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