Sunset Sherbert & Grand Daddy Purps Dank Vapes Oil Cartridge Review 🤗

Hey guys what’s going on! It’s the one and only Leer back with a quick dank vape oil cartridge review. Go Steelers! Dank vapes are made by dank woods!


  1. Mf lol fake ass dank carts. All the real ones have the black boxes with ccell serial # and another # on bottom of cart…. barely hitting your vape juice/wax cart

  2. always open the dank vapes from the bottom homey haha. dank are fire bro i fw them for real. keep up the good work G

    I tried the sherb personally, its pretty good but it was a little too floral tasting for me. i think my fave dank vapes were the gelato and the blackberry kush. im about to get another cart or 2 tonight, think imma fw the rose gold and the blueberry

  3. Yes I Love You Forever Beautiful Absolutely Friendly Favorite Happy Cleanliness Healthy Helps HEAVEN Fix’s Fun Good Always!‼️💚🎨🤗🍌🏳️‍🌈
    And Cannabis!❗️🎗😇🏁

  4. Lol all these people talking about how carts are filled with pesticides and how bad they are for you, but the thing is bud has just as many pesticides on it as carts have in them🤣

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