1. I think you have the best reviews, however I feel as though value is rated to high on your personal ranking scale. This was a good strain 7.9/10, I would recommend. The structure was adequate while the product was as advertised.

  2. I ordered the Subway Scientist and some Broken Coast Quadra, both indica but leagues apart in quality. Guess which one is for Canada Day lol

  3. I gave up on OCS. Ordering weed basically blind is no longer conducive for me. Been burned too many times with subpar weed. Couple that with their inflating cost, and I'm no longer interested. And the B&M shops aren't any better. With their shady underhanded tactics that they blame on "simple mistakes". Bullshit. Shop in Ottawa got caught red handed trying to over charge. Smh. Anyway, I've been buying black market weed for 20 plus years. It's best to stick with what I know and what feels right to me. I recently found a new line on some premium top-shelf exotic. $70 quarters. Got some Tuna Kush recently and holy shit, it's amazing. It literally smells like THC. Well worth the price. Sticky as all hell. I use scissors to cut up my weed and the scissors were caked in THC gooey goodness. I scraped it off and rolled it into some 'scissors-hash'. Did a couple hot-knives and I've been baked for the past 3 hours. Literally laughing the entire time, at nothing. Lol.

    Until OCS can put me in that same space at a reasonable proce, I'm turning my back on them when it comes to dried flower. (I will still however periodically purchase Redecan reign drops) I shit you not, I chugged three quarters of a bottle once (was going to drink the whole thing but was like "nah" lol) and I was so gone! Uncontrollable laughter. The visuals I was seeing when I had my eyes closed were insane!

  4. I was very disappointed with this producer. Sunday Special is supposed to be Jack Herer, but looked, smelled and tasted nothing like Jack. Low quality at a premium price.

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