Strawberry Ripple – The Good Budz Strain review – UK Legal Hemp Cannabis CBD

The Good Budz, Strawberry Ripple. If you would like me to review any of your products please get in touch either by email or DM me on twitter …


  1. that looks very Dank like you said it looks just like some good THC med,how was the medicating effect?…Great work as always,this might be the best looking CBD flower I have seen………..keep it green

  2. ooooh that does look amazing, Have a q of Uncle Herbs Gelato to get through at mo and it is fire … massive buds, massive stink 😀 in fact it better quality then a lot of THC weed i have had …. That bud you had there looked as good if not better 🙂

  3. Also forgot to mention they ship there orders in boxes, small enough to fit through letterbox to keep the buds from being squashed in the post which is a nice touch and makes a change from everybody else using the padded envelopes. Also the photo on my youtube pic is this bud in the video here is the original photo I took,

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