1. Anytime someone gives me a percentage that ends in the digit 1 (151%) I know it’s totally fake.
    All fake numbers end in 1 or sometimes 3. Usually 1. Think 81mg aspirin lol…

  2. If i was a 17 year old high school student and i knew once i turned 18 i could buy MJ legally i would wait and enjoy legally.

  3. Wow a ReasonTV video that didn't make me livid. I watch this channel for episodes like this and to step out of my bubble. Your episodes on personal liberties are pretty good and only slightly misleading. Your anti-government rhetoric on the other hand…

  4. Thanks to you guys now there's more weed than ever. You didn't stop the black market still exist. We are at the last year's of a falling civilization.

  5. Weed prohibition makes weed stronger just like how alcohol prohibition made alcohol stronger. Now everyone is smoking moonshine weed because they couldn't get regular weed at a store.

  6. Even if something does more harm than good, we should still pursue it. Because Government control is the American way now apparently.

  7. "Just because something doesn't work doesn't mean that we end it" – Paul Chabot

    I'm also reminded of this quote

    "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." – Albert Einstein

  8. "California is a shithole," say commenters living in the middle of nowhere in states where you can be put in jail for having a joint.

  9. What a lot of libertarians and drug advocates forget, one can be against drug use and want it legal. My only problem that I have at the moment is how militant drug advocates get with their opinion, passing it down as fact. I got attacked by vice readers the other day and had tons of abuse directed towards me. I basically confessed that the reason I was against the advocating of drug use (not criminalisation) because i lost my father to drugs and people told me to shut the fuck up, called me a square and that I shouldn't preach about drugs no matter what. What we need to do is separate the debate between legality and healthy. I can argue drugs are bad for you but I shouldn't get abuse for that.

  10. Wow, that guy went from seeming like someone who knows what they're talking about with great detail and experience until his logic against Cannabis literally boiled down to:
    "If it's broke don't fix it"
    "Because 'Murica"

  11. It is just governments becoming drug dealers!!
    They are ENABLING usesless dope heads that REFUSE to work and never will!!!!
    Just a bunch of useless millennials that contribute NOTHING and cost the taxpayers BILLIONS!!

  12. It's super bad for our kids having to grow in this messed up environment, having to deal every day with that nasty smell of marihuana, it's not ok at all, why would you willingly harm your mind and body?you have to love yourself first. This people are so blind

  13. When i was in highschool it was easier to buy cigarettes, spice, pills, crack, heroin and meth than it was to buy e cigs. This system is broken

  14. Drug usage hasn’t skyrocketed? My sister dead at 44; my brother gone at 48, both from narcotics. Push your libertarian drugs elsewhere.

  15. I voted for legalization of marijuana in Washington state. I have never tried it and don’t plan to ever use it myself.
    I want people to be able to make up there own mind about what they do.
    As long as you are not hurting me or someone else do what you want.
    Government can shrink to nothing as far as I’m concerned.

  16. I've quit a 30yr addiction to weed, an all day everyday addiction, I lost my business, my wife and son to divorce, my family, and now my mind, people don't realize how hard it is to quit, I mostly want to die and don't want to go on antidepressants, weed changes brain structure and chemistry, the fact that government is okay with legalized weed all of the sudden is greed and mind control, I fear the only thing I can do is go back to smoking weed and soon lose my new great paying job then my benefits then soon to be forced to live in a lower rent apartment and have no health insurance again….best thing is don't ever start smoking it….when I was in high school weed was 5%thc now it's close to 25% thus creating faster tolerance and faster addiction… I teach my son to never smoke it using myself as the bad example…. I don't want any comments saying you just smoke a little, that's how it starts…. I used to do a little but a little wouldn't do so a little got more and more.. that's from the guns and roses song "Mr brownstone" which is about heroin, the weed of today I consider to be like crack, I would spend hours at my smoking spot in the basement loading bowl after bowl just for the quick body buzz…just like crack

  17. 3:56 John: but at some point when it's doing more harm than good, shouldn't we quit?
    Shithead: No … because that’s not America.

    he just said he would rather do harm than good.

    he would rather do harm to people.

  18. You're never going to stop people from smoking weed. However, It should be limited to a grow-your-own-for-your-own-personal-use ONLY system of legalization in which you would pay for a growing permit or license. Although pot use would be legal, ANY employer should be able to mandate a drug free workplace and drug test you and terminate you if you use. We don't want cops, school bus drivers, daycare workers, etc., using the shit! Any COMMERCIALIZATION and DISTRIBUTION of pot should be strictly illegal! We DON'T want any type of legal sales that will only create a profit incentive that will encourage dealers and corporations to expand it's use. As the repeal of prohibition eliminated the bootleggers and also took a huge bite out of organized crime, a grow-your-own system would virtually eliminate the big drug cartels distribution overnight. Adults would have the freedom to use if they wanted, but no one would be able to make a thin dime off something that you can just grow yourself for almost nothing. Many employers would still continue to mandate a drug free workplace, and it is doubtful that their employees would start using and risk losing their jobs just because pot became legal.

  19. I’m down to decriminalize all drugs. My biggest issues is what happens when someone ODs on heroin or anything else and needs to go to the hospital and don’t have private insurance? Will the tax payer be footing the bill? What is the libertarian answer to this scenario?

  20. Right, Its just a lot of overly conservative assholes that want everything to be illegal. I wouldn't be surprised if more sleazy lawyers are behind fighting legalization so they can sleaze more money defending those dumb cases.

  21. Girl in red, it's stigma. The word you were looking for. You no longer have to feel the stigma of smoking weed since it's legal. Or negative connotations. But that's two words, so I'm sure it's stigma.

  22. “As an adult, shouldn’t it be my choice to poison my body?”

    Republican shill – “No”.

    Whatever happened to less government involvement ?

  23. "Just because something doesn't work, it doesn't mean that we end it." Perfect description of the war on drugs up to this point.

  24. Went to court recently with a friend. Judge give kid a big speach about using meth , the kid asked to be sent to treatment. Denied I sentence you to 2 years in prison. My county and most counties don't have treatment as option. They make more money sending people to prison. Prison $35.000 a year, treatment $12.000 to $15.000 a year. And a lot of prisons are run by company's and are guaranteed a certain amount no matter how many prisoners the got. And you the taxpayer pay the bill.

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