STOP Saying Vaping is Safe! | My Update On Vaping | Wednesday Checkup

I’ve already covered my thoughts on vaping in my responding to comments series last year but on account of the many becoming sick as a result of …


  1. Funny how the rest of world has zero cases of vape illnesses? Maybe one should buy clean, legit products in a shop rather than buying THC juices off the black market. That is whats causing all of this. A doctor invented vaping a decade ago in China. China, being the most populated country, has no incidents like this?? It's happening only in America… Strange

  2. Im so sick of idiots saying vaping is just as bad as traditional cigs . The confusion lays in the thc oil that was found in some vape products that caused these deaths in the united states . The deaths was not caused by usual flavor vapes only the thc oil vapes . The second danger is some vape juices contain the toxic chemical called diacetyl . This chemical is the culprit for the lung condition called ( popcorn lungs) . Why can't the government just ban flavors they suspect contain these chemicals and keep all the other flavors on the markets .

  3. I quit smoking 2 packs a day in turn for vaping. My lungs no longer hurt when I wake up, I breathe better, and I’m no longer coughing up that nasty dark mucus.

    What I would say is no one should start vaping if they were never smoking cigarettes.

    One thing I will say is if they completely ban vaping you’ll instantly see an increase in youth smoking cigarettes.

    Another thing that bothers me is when they want to ban flavored vaping. I mean adults enjoy flavors as well.

  4. I am usually a fan of your channel, but I am disappointed with your take on this. The illnesses have been linked to illegal THC containing juices and products, with the New England Journal of Medicine finding that 84% of hospitalized patients self reported use of THC containing products, particularly the "Dank Vape" brand (who the New York Health Department then disclosed used vitamin e acetate as a dilutant and thickener). This video ignores that, and brushes it aside and tells people to be afraid of all vaping devices when the data shows there is no such warranted concern.

    I would also like to note that the vaping related diseases was revised to 380, but increased to 530 confirmed cases with now 7 deaths.

  5. I experienced nausea, fever, chills, slight urge to vomit and cough, shortness of breath etc. at 2:55.

    The only thing that didn't hurt was my patella.

  6. If I have vaped in the past will that permanently affect me physically (such as the lung injuries you mentioned) at all or no?

  7. remind me why trump wants to bad vaping yet were all fine and dandy with cigarettes (i dont vape) i just find that strange since if they are so proven to kill or harm then why should cigarettes be legal

  8. As part of a health community that knows how seeing, smelling or seeing sweets can literally make you fat via your body’s insulin response to the stimuli, I’d love to see a study on how these flavored vapes change body weight of users.

    I mean, weight gain has gotta be a side effect

  9. I can't vape because it's bad for me and I smoke the regular e-juice and its not the ejuice that's bad for me it's the nicotine it makes my heart go out of whack and makes it beat too fast and then I can't breath and I would hate to vape with ejuice with out nicotine so I trow my shit away I domt want to freaking die and it's the second time it happens to me even though I lower my nicotine from 6 to 3 milligrams but ti didnt work so now I won't smoke nothing at all and juts be healthy juts telling my story

  10. Seeing as the majority of teens who vape do so because they're depressed, most people will probably vape more if they know they can die from it.

  11. I hate teens that vape and feel like they're a part of drug culture. Like chill out and stop, it's not good for you. Either snort coke like a man or breathe air like the rest of these virgins.

  12. It literally broke my heart to see that younger boy that sick in a hospital because of vaping when he actually could prevent that… 🙁

  13. Thanks for speaking to this public health issue!! Could you talk about the Triple EEE outbreak?? I live in a "critical" area and the health department is telling us not to go out at night. What are the chances of getting EEE? I know the death rate is high, but what happens for those who survive? I have heard that your brain swells? what is the treatment?

  14. These people are getting sick from vaping illegal black market THC cartridges purchased off the street. They contain Vitamin E acetate, which is toxic when combusted. Not a single certified vape shop sells these products or endorses these products. Millions of people around the US vape daily, and we only have 5 deaths that aren't even related to legal products? This is a non-issue bro. More kids and adults die from alcohol related incidents daily then people have died from "vaping" in total.

    Furthermore, adults like flavor too. It's not marketed to kids. I'm 23-years-old and I love trying out new flavors, many of which contain 0% nicotine. I don't think anyone with a logical thought process will tell you that vaping is 100% safe, but it's 95% safer than traditional cigs. That in it self says a lot.

  15. Vaping has been safe for years and approved by the FDA. The real cause is black market THC and fake pods. Doctors DO know whats in E Juice. And all these victims have vaped pens or juuls AND all these hospitalized victims are 18 or under which means they don't know where to buy vaping products and they don't know what they're doing.

  16. That comment on gambling concerned me because of the recent story of NBA2K. It's rated E and that means kids can be harmed by it. A;sp I think Vaping is stupid!

  17. My partner's grandmother does not want to stop smoking. She is being cared for by my partner's parents. The family would rather not buy her stuff that does her harm, but they currently are. She may accept something that gives her the experience of smoking. Is vaping preferable to smoking for someone who is not going to wean herself off?

  18. Drug test them and you will see that all of the sick people used THC products. This isn't happening in Europe and you can buy vapes in hospitals there.
    Acute exogenous lipoid pneumonia is caused by inhaling large amounts of oil. Nicotine is water soluble, the vaping liquid is water soluble, and the vape contains no oil. Nicotine vaping could not be the cause of this. Is vaping 95% safer than smoking or 98% safer? That is arguable, but frying an egg produces more carcinogens than vapng and that s a measurable fact. Vape is comparable in regard to harmful chemicals to a medical nicotine inhaler.
    Vaping has saved millions of lives, and smoking kills 480,000 Americans every year. Yet you are going after vaping?
    THC is oil soluble, and the vape is oil based. These use different devices too.
    Would you ban bottled water in response to an oil spill? In response to a salmonella outbreak in rats, do you ban all flavored food? You want to ban something that has saved millions because of illegal drugs? Perhaps you would like to ban stoves to stop the meth epidemic? Those who make meth are called 'cooks', and stoves are used to 'cook', so it is the same word. Perhaps we should ban prescription drugs to stop terrorism? Why wait to find out if prescription drugs are causing people to make IED's, just knee jerk ban prescription drugs? That wouldn't be as bad, because the medical and pharmaceutical industry were the largest killer in the USA, last I checked. I'd doubt doctors save more people than they kill, from so called 'medical errors', and drug reactions. It's not an accident if you keep doing the same thing. The medical community is not evidence base at all, and you are proving it now. You said vaping should be banned, based on no evidence. Doctors are more like Miss Cleo and her psychic friends network. They make a random guess and pretend what they guess is reality. Act like you know what you are doing to make money.
    7 people dead is not an epidemic when 480,000 dying each year from smoking, is not an epidemic. You are talking crazy.
    This is a PR campain, probably funded by Big Tobacco. Some of the sick people could have preexisting lung problems and be working as actors for the campain.
    The medical industry in this country is for profit, and stands to lose a lot of money in cancer treatment from people getting off cigarettes. Is that the reason for the lies?
    The States banning vapes make the most per pack of cigarettes. Saving lives by getting people off of cigarettes, costs them money. Is that the reason for the lies?
    As for vaping, it is to get people off of cigarettes. Smoking is a self destructive behavior and nicotine isn't as addictive without all of the added poison, as the addiction is largely the slowly dying part. You can see self harm / harming others in chickens in factor farms. This is why factory farms melt the beaks off of chickens as the oppressive conditions cause it. The tyranny and enslavement cause this reaction in most animals. This is what you see in humans. You see mass shootings all over. You see suicides spiking. You see drug use and overdoses spiking. It's all connected.
    The reason for the flavors is because emotional state is stored with memories, and can bring people back to when they didn't want to self harm and that is how vaping keeps 80% cigarette free after 2 years, while doctors only get 9%.
    This also tells you why tobacco companies have 70 carcinogens in their product.

  19. Vaping isn’t good for you that’s true, but why aren’t we getting rid of cigarettes first though? More people smoke than vape, and vaping is better than smoking. The end goal should be to remove all of them, but start with the biggest culprit right?

  20. Why is all that bullcrap made about vaping 7.000.000 people die cuz of lungcancer or other relatable things caused by zigaretts in europe alone no one is doing anything 450 people get taken up into intensive care cuz they vaped a chemical sprayed on weed what was turned into oil and everyone freaks out I dunno but this sounds BULLSHIT to me

  21. I quit smoking with vaping a couple years back. I'm still vaping and now doing salt nics too. Shit it's time to quit ://

  22. Get off the flavors, please. Might it occur that not just children like things that taste good? Vaping got me off cigarettes and based on this video Id still vape seeing as how I never used THC products. I do agree however that the adds are too much. I just don't see how everyone can say we need to make vape taste like shit when many cigars are still flavored the same way with grape, watermelon, vanilla, and tropic fusion.

    But this video is absolutely ridiculous your forcing people to pick up cigarettes based on all these lies the media are telling right now to twist the truth.

  24. The Dangers Of Vaping:

    will reduce or possibly even destroy cigarette sales in wealthy countries.

    It will massively harm federal tax revenues, as cigarette taxes will be destroyed, and it is difficult to tax an as-yet harmless substitute.

    It will destroy State and City tax revenues, as cigarette smoking prevalence falls through the floor. As more smokers switch to vaping, States will see revenues fall correspondingly.
    It will destroy the MSA funding for States. These funds pay for enormous salaries for Attorneys General, and State employee pensions currently.

    It will destroy the pharmaceutical industry’s smoking disease gravy train: the enormous sums they earn from disease caused by smoking. One course of chemotherapy for cancer in the USA averages out at $27,000. Now multiply that by a million or two and you can see why they’re screaming. You can see why they are fighting desperately to protect smoking.

    Vaping will destroy the smoking economy: the $1.5 trillion a year money machine all those listed above have their snouts in.

    It is 95% healthier than smoking.

    If you are underage don’t freaking vape and get alleyway juice. You are ruining it for all the adults who need vaping as a health alternative.

  25. But like our depressed millennial generation doesn't really give a f if our vapes kill us. Wow if I vape a ton of weed now I'll never have to deal with shit like global warming, healthcare, social justice, gun violence, politics, etc. Wow sounds peaceful. So we keep on vaping on #ifidieofvapeitsnotmyproblem

  26. Dude, over nine million people in the USA vape. 450 out of 9,000,000 have gotten sick. Quit smackin on the hype train.

    There's a ton of potential explanations for these cases, and one of them is that patients lie to protect themselves from perceived legal implications and/or potentially sue someone. So, yeah, they've been hittin the thc vape with the vitamin e acetate or been making their own vape juice flavors with unsafe additives.

    I started vaping in order to quit smoking, and I can tell you with 100% confidence that vaping isn't nearly as bad for you as smoking. Within four days of the switch, my breathing was a lot better and my energy levels were much higher. I had been smoking a pack and a half a day for fifteen years. You say "stop all vaping" and I'll be back to smoking. Can't we have the lesser of two evils? You don't wanna see me without my nicotine fix… I work twelve hours per day six days per week and I'm getting another master's degree online. I need nicotine and caffeine pumping through my system in order to do what I gotta do.

    Also, I should be free to make unhealthy choices. We let fast food joints and donut shops peddle their junk to food addicts without restrictions on calorie or fat counts. Let me poison myself with my choice of addiction while other folks scarf down a dozen Krispy Kremes and wash it down with a Mountain Dew.

  27. For fucks sake, it’s the fake carts that we get here in illegal sates, no harm has been caused by vaping nicotine so far. Do more research man

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