1. The best explanation of the stock market thus far. Step by step, definitions, examples, real life experiences advise and further links. It's better than any class I would have taken. Thank you for all your effort.

  2. This is a landmine of explosive information! Thank you for putting in the time an effort. Subscribed 15 seconds into the video, and I'm a fan by the end of it. Thank you!

  3. Fuck the stockmarket. It is meant to trick everyone. You are making the banks very rich by being apart of this. Crypto is the future. Velic exchange is just an example of that.

  4. hello , im a new subscriber ! AMAZING video my friend , glad to see some one do such a friendly investing guide , keep up the good work ! <3

  5. I love that this guy isn't trying to sell dreams and isn't making it seem like investing is an easy path to get rich. He's keeping it real. Feels like an educational lecture rather than a cult pitch. Good work.

  6. You say you do alot of research on the stocks you buy. What are your go to sites for reliable information before investing?

  7. I want to prove that I watched the whole video. So at the beginning you mentioned that you're an electrical guy with no financial training and you're self taught. Then towards the end you mentioned that your father is a financial planner. That's like saying you taught yourself how to speak German as an adult and then mentioning that your mom is from Germany. LOL!!! Just breaking your balls man. I love your videos. I've watched this one a few times.

  8. Wow! Awesome video. Thank you Ryan for your time. I might be too late for this video (51 years old), wish I was 20 again watching this. I will definitely share with family and friends. I do have a State employee 401k 10% ( no match with only 5 figures). Could retire in 4 years but will prob keep going to 10. Could I stop contrib. , maybe open Roth IRA and concentrate on that and maybe open a Robinhood account for ETF, dividends etc? Thank you for a great video and your time. Have a great day.

  9. ok so 2:03 into the video and already i can tell this is a honest guy that is here just to give you advice based on experiences he has had himself as a trader, liked and subscribed already.

  10. What is your take on the investing app RobinHood? Why should I go through a brokerage that charges commission for both buying and selling rather than no commissions through RobinHood? It sounds to me like RobinHood has better chance to make more money.

  11. I heard you mention M1 as a tool for beginning investors, I am curious, What do you think of "Stash.com" I've been using this as a simple vehicle to buy stock. but it seems to be moving really slow.

  12. I watched your original video and Idk why but I just naturally liked your video and could understand it easier than others. Now in this video you say your in the field of Electrical Construction which is actually what I'm about to go to school for in August so I can use the money I make as an Electrician into stocks. I'm 18 years old.

  13. Mutual Funds biggest problem is their size and they have to be long all the time. So to say only 8% can beat the market is a little misleading

  14. very few people share their experiences and time they have felt ! thnakyou soo kuch for all these videos it really helps me alot . i am 19 and i have interest in stock market and i am gaining most of information from your site and books . looking forward to more videos like this . thanks alot ! goodluck

  15. Hey Folks I have my first big question.. I have $1000 to invest..wondering should I start with ETF S&P 500… or start a ROTH IRA… or split and do both?

  16. Investment is a topic that I'm afraid to read & learn. There're a lot of technical terms that sounds overwhelming, and the more I tried to understand it the more it confuses me.
    Can you make a video, on how to do an investment in step by step approach. Like what to do first, then second, then third and so on. That would definitely help me a lot. Thanks in advance!

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