Stillcanna signs Definitive Agreement to Supply Hemp Biomass to Sequoya Cannabis

Stillcanna signs Definitive Agreement to Supply Hemp Biomass to Sequoya Cannabis – RICH TV LIVE – AUGUST 28, 2019 – Stillcanna Inc. (OTC …


  1. Looks like early shares and Broker/Dealers- Market Makers taking this one go down with about 50K+ shares being introduced daily to the Active Float. The Early share holders and Brokers are in control of a small float and shaking out any buyers of introduced shares. Essentially selling it down. Keeping in mind for every seller there is a buyer, I think the same people introducing and selling down are also the buyers after 'shaking out'.. meaning they lower their basis off the back of early retail buyers and increase their counts/shares.
    To say, every transaction has a buyer.. even as prices drop. There may be a Toxic dilute present but watching the Level two one can see intentional down sells of small amounts to manipulate prices and certainly charting… charting keeping any real interest down, There is some infighting, ticks both ways to end of day chart candling…
    anyway, for this stock to succeed seems a question of needing larger numbers of institutional and retail purchasers… a lot more than now.
    There needs to be seen a sideways motion and accumulation effort going on for weeks, month? other wise any rise will be temporary for a extended time- till those greatly increased numbers of buyers happens.
    I expected this one would have a potential for many ups and downs with its stock structure… but unless a person gets thrilled at 5%-10-15% swings with a high risk factor.. well… there simply hasn't had the 'up' factor yet.

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