1. "So honey how did your well visit go?"

    "Steve-O was there high as fuck on like 8 illegal drugs and 9 unknown ones screaming about smoking a cigarette and spitting on people, so they injected tranquilizing fluid into his ass so he would fall asleep"

  2. Graham is very good at interviewing people. I’ve seen this one and the one with Kelly slater and they are enjoyable to watch!

  3. Steve o I am an alcoholic and dependent on weed. I have been thinking about rehab lately. I just want to know how you did it and how you got through it. This will be my first time and I am really scared.

  4. All up for Steve-O. My final intervention involved 6 large male RN's and 4 shots of Thorazine because I was fighting and destroying everyone and everything. Thanks for sharing your stories. They help.

  5. Steve-O,
    As you were seen on Mtv back in the days I just thought of you what you were ought to be: a crazy guy. I didn't understand why guys would do things like you and your buddys did.
    Today, as I got to know a little bit more of your lifestory and what you've been through I can better relate to this emptiness you must have felt your entire life…..

    the amount of self-reflection and awareness you're capable of, is an inspiration. You've found your gift and are honest as fuck with yourself! Most impressive to me is the fact that you're taking responsibility….all of it. No blaming – just understanding where your habits came from.

    The strength of character you've got makes you a true hero. Keep it up! Stay strong and sober. You are an inspiration.

  6. What book. It doesnt sound like the blue book but I could be wrong. Either way I'm always interested in a new recovery book.

  7. Kudos to this man. What he achieved is really huge and he's absolutely right that the chance of an alcoholic finding long term sobriety is very low. Steve-o definitely got lucky and put in the hard yards to get there

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