This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Going over the things you need to do prior to flipping your indoor grow canopy into flower. We go over the step by step …


  1. Next week's vid is the 5×5 harvest and weigh in results for the autoflower harvest! Have any questions ? let me know! I love hearing from you.


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  2. I love your micro grows my guy. Shows that you don’t need a huge space to grow. In the dark ages when it was pretty much plant and pray for females and light selection was minimal at best lol hps mainly was the standard and I have even used myself. Problem is they are hot 🥵 af and drain a lot of power aswell as being dangerous. Ie finger prints can make bulb explode 😳 I haven’t but know few growers that did and they said it sucks balls. Compact fluorescents are cooler but I found buds were more “airy” and lacked in potency. Great for veg though I will say. Now on to leds, Which were not easy to find and were super expensive especially if your on a budget. This being said now they are way more easy to find and are much cheaper than in beginning. Low heat allows light to be closer to canopy and if you get one that is full spectrum your girls will love it. Feminized seeds take away the plant and pray right out and if you don’t wanna do photoperiod grow auto flowers are for you. Great channel bruda 😎✌️🇨🇦💪

  3. Im in Ontario and I'm planning out my first grow. One of the unknowns is the effect on my electric bill. Do you have any loose answeres to the expected price increase to a small indoor grow with LED say a 1000 watt LED?
    I want to add that your videos are very good you are articulate and give the much needed and fresh personality to the Cannabis growers.

  4. A Mcgyvered Oscillating Fan (LiL'Blizzard by Holmes get my thumbs up) in your grow space might help obtain stronger branch stems in stretch phase flip into flower. Just saying…

  5. I've always had issues with taking and rooting clones and this video has helped me understand so many of the reasons why – thank you!!

  6. I use aloe Vera. No root chemicals but to each thier own. Love the channel you definitely know ur shit. Respect ✊ 905 in da house ✌️😎

  7. This was one of the finest most informative videos I've ever seen on YouTube. Thank you , Simple instructions and Straight to the point 😎

  8. Hey mr.canuck why would my leaves on my plant be curling in? They seem to be a bit dry too… Does that mean the plant is close to being done

  9. Hey I really like your channel, I’m new to growing and right now I have 2 plants in day 28 of flowering. On my days off I take my plants outside for fresh air and sunlight and I was wondering if there could be any negative affects?

  10. Once my plant has started to flower with the 12/12 light cycle does it have to be maintained in order to stay in flowering

  11. Im great at cloning and veg but still working on perfecting my flower cycle I use honey for rooting gel it really works wonders.

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