1. Great for those stuck in the lower chakras. Look for meditations & exercises connecting the lower to the higher and vice versa. Eventually you won't need it.

  2. Hi Mirnesa, thank you for your videos!! Every word you spoke here resonated with me at deep levels. This is a topic very near and dear to my heart. Something I'd like to say about marijuana is since I've struggled with mental illness, I feel marijuana has helped bring me into balance by pushing me out of balance and forcing me to accept myself as I am at all levels of consciousness. This leads to a certain dependency due to the calming effects that it can have but in the end I realized that I must be the one who raises my own vibration and brings myself back into balance. Meditation is key!

    Also, I don't even want to get in to how Psychiatric medications have wrecked my psyche and marijuana has healed me from their poisonous effects. It is quite frustrating being told "don't do weed for your bipolar, have some lithium or zyprexa or lamictal instead" those are much more hurtful if you ask me based on my experience. They are so much more harmful.

    I see these types of plant medicines (Weed and Psychedelics) from a shamanic perspective, especially since it induces the effects of my bipolar such as mania and depression. Personally, marijuana has been an initiatory substance, so I do not recommend it for casual use since it has spiritual effects, this must be taken into account. I've learned to accept that I get too high and low even when I'm not on marijuana at all. This is how I've been my whole life. It has helped me cope with the fact that I do not function within the "normal" mood ranges for humans. By allowing me to push myself to my psychic/psychotic limits, it has helped me fully explore my consciousness within a relatively safe space that I can control. For example, when I get high it allows me to enter an elevated mental activity state (mania) and it is much easier to channel in a trance and get quicker downloads during my meditations.

    Also, it is addictive and I am currently experiencing withdrawals from it. However, I feel like I can handle my life without it at this point. I'd rather take full responsibility for my life and my moods instead of relying on it to "trigger" my manic episodes and channelings. I've overdosed several times and that is NOT fun haha. Like I said, it is a substance for initiation. This among other reasons is why I'm trying to quit.

    I feel like I've experienced all the drawbacks and incorporated all the benefits it can bring into my life and it's time for a new phase where I rely mainly on Diet, Sleep, Exercise, Meditation, Healthy Friendships, etc to heal myself. I'm just wondering where I will find a natural pain killer because pharmaceutical and store bought pain pills just hurt me more in the long term. Otherwise I will have to accept physical pain as a normal part of my life like so many people and simply move on.

    Thanks for reading! Much Love and Blessings!! 💚

  3. I think everyone who uses is searching for inner peace, which is a great desire. After many yrs I realized I was so dependent, so my desired expanded into having permanent peace without any substances. I'd recommended doing the course in miracles to a anyone searching for a way to retrain their mind and find peace. ✌️

  4. Natural medicine saved my life. I've seen more positive than negative from the responsible, respectful use of a wonderful blessing from mother Gaia. Blessings 🙂

  5. Sitting here buzzed from beer after hearing my friends play music tonight,, but something tells me that I shouldent do it. Great topic on a very real and current subject that many light workers are feeling in these intence of times.
    Thank you dear heart, your the absolute best!
    Eternal blessings and thanks.

  6. It's sad how many people medicate them self with marijuana and get stuck in this. Defending its "only" plant medicine. This medicine is today way stronger than the first natural plants. Most is also growing in laboratories indoors. I think the future needs to be all free from those kind of substances. I've seen more bad than good coming from people smoking, and I've seen way to much people loosing contact with themselves 🙁 all drugs comes with mantras, same with weed. Everybody stuck smoking use the same excuses…

  7. Thank you for that beautiful clarification! Once we learn to trust ourselves we will always know what we need, and what we no longer have need of. Blessings to you sister

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