Spirit Plants (What is a Spirit Plant and How To Find Your Spirit Plant)

Spirit Plants, Totem Plants and Shadow Plants are something that all people have. By discovering and connecting with your Spirit Plant you can gain awareness …


  1. Doctor Swan, I feel so happy meeting you on the internet. But also I feel sorry not being close to you because all what you are teaching us here it ' s ultimately right. So I feel so surprised at how you describe my own experience too, but nevertheless I managed to discover this knowledge of plants by myself!!
    This is the first time I can talk about this beautiful and lively experience.

  2. Where do you learn your knowledge from actually? Some of your wisdom sounds like it could be part of teaching of hinduism for example, but I have no idea who or which teaching is investing in things like this 🙂

  3. I vote teal starts filming in a bikini.
    tell me what my spirit plant is? eh.
    tell me what my spirit plant is *in a bikini*? like <3 <3

  4. Gone are the days when Hindus worshipping trees are looked down , the scientific theorium is coming around with explanations , primitive yet right on.

  5. Just stopping to take a second and say thank you for being you. I really appreciate all you do, you truly have helped me, to help myself in so many ways, you are a beautiful soul. I would absolutely love to have a one on one session with you someday, until then, keep being your absolutely gifted gorgeous soul self :]

  6. I’m not one to be a skeptic, but I really fail to understand the divine connection to plant spirits and the universe. I smoke weed and get paranoid, and have this overwhelming feeling of fear. I fail to connect with animals and anything regarding the universe. I am generally a very talkative person who generally has a pretty positive mindset. But I fail to have a deeper understanding of the universe. I don’t know why I exist but I know I do have some deeper purpose than just live eat die. I’ve never felt spirits or had a lucid dream. But I do have a perspective very different from the rest of society. And I’m just very confused which plant can help me gain some clarity. And how I can somehow gain some deeper understanding and some answers.

  7. I don't understand what she means when she spoke about having two spirit plants..there are two sides of you?
    please help lol

  8. How can a few people have the same spirit plant if each person is unique and the plant is an embodiment of that person in the plant form (and more than two people will necessarily have the same spirit plant because there aren't enough plant species for each of the billions of people living on earth today), that's a contradiction.

  9. Thank you Teal, as soon as you mentioned it, I knew it was a weed! Did a shamanic journey and I have the dandelion and daisy as my spirit plant! Very interesting as I would sit for hours as a child playing with these plants!

  10. I want to ask, aside from meditating to find my spirit plants…can we intuitively know what they are as soon as the idea is proposed? I ask because I'm a gardener and had never heard of this idea but as soon as you started talking about it I immediately thought; oak tree, hibiscus and daylily. These are plants I have been very drawn to for many years, I grow them and when I'm around a huge grove of oak trees I feel VERY much at peace and grounded immediately. I feel gratitude and romanced by watching the large trees sway in the wind, like I can feel their life force within them!!!

  11. Maybe a Sunflower. I saw a video where a lady attaches her microphone to a sunflower and it was making the most beautiful sounds!!! 💕 Good to see you, Teal! Thanks for sharing as always! (I wonder was poison ivy sounds like 🤔

  12. Medical Medium celery juice!!! It is is miraculous healing tonic 🙂 I bet it would be awesome to have celery as your spirit plant!

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