1. White people don’t get it we’re trying to tell and show you but you just don’t want to listen and tell us what you think when you will never relate to being black in America or understand. It’s true, white people are racist SOME ,that’s for the babies who throw a tantrum when they don’t see that four letter word, and don’t want to talk or work with black people so over the phone if they hear like we “sound” black they’ll give us a hard time or not work with us so we try to “sound white” for them in order to get better results. We point out our reality and you call us racist for talking about the racism we face and that we’re causing “division” when the only ones creating division are the racists. We can’t just shut up and pretend racism doesn’t exist because it affects our everyday lives, some more than others.

  2. WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER WATCHED. I WISH I COULD TAKE THIS MOVIE OUT OF MY HEAD. THE ENDING IS SO BAD, THAT I WENT TO SLEEP ANGRY. Def don't want to see more from this director…It started off with such potential. I loved the social commentary and then it went DOWN HILL from there. Movie was long, made no sense, plot was terrible, had scenes that didn't fit and literally dumped the first half ending with something so unrelated and ridiculous…

  3. Honestly this is one of the best movies i've seen in my life, that ending was crazy like not expecting that at ALL! Its a little slow in the begining but it works up to a bigger picture. I recommend getting high AF and watching this.

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