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  2. Btw, Flying Bon Bon dark chocolate edibles by Cultivate Massachusetts got me high as a Georgia pine right now and they rltaste delicious 🤤

  3. Did you purposely edit it like this to fuck with my head? 😳🤪
    The edibles are kicking in as I type and Holy shit I'm outta here 👋

  4. Am I the only person who never gets red eyes when smoking? Edibles, weed, or wax pen I’m never getting red eyes😂 But my eyes do get TERRIBLY low and kind of puffy so people still know i’m high😂😂😂

  5. i get my edibles from twisted extracts online and holy fuck it’s tastes so fkn good and it’s compact and doesn’t smell. plus you’ll have your best trips with these edibles.

  6. The edible I had; when I put it in my mouth it had the smell of the weed and then proceeded to taste like chocolate chip cookie; then again, the aftertaste tastes like weed.

    Best way to describe the taste is like a mix of Heineken beer and bitter melon

  7. I don't smoke because I can't. I seem to have some kind of issue with either my lungs, my brain or my heart. I don't know what it is and the sad part is, I can't go to the doctor to talk about this because weed isn't legal here. So last week, my husband grinded up some weed finely and made an omelette with it. I was high until the next day.

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