1. 8:10 maybe good genetics, I wouldn't say cannabis lol. My neighbor been smoking nothing but weed for 30 years and she is a wrinkled as a raisin.

  2. stick to nice clean bongs. I'm a 50 year stoner and clean bongs are the least harmful way of consuming weed through your lungs. You get water vapor which might make you cough but does no lasting harm like the oil vapes where oil droplets form on your lungs. Don't do that!

  3. @JP being from a dispensary is no guarantee of purity either. I've bought weed many times it was obvious it had terps added to it you could tell by the aroma. Not always a bad thing but if they don't label it honestly then it's a fraud.

  4. Yeah the cannabis industry is just a bunch of money grubbers. People are only in it for the money and couldnt give a fuck about the product quality.

  5. One of my favorite channels can’t watch many other youtubers videos for more than 5 minutes but Can watch you for over 30 mins

  6. Fuk up people in this world it all the system pumping out those type of people care only about money and not the Heath of their fellow human

  7. That’s why I just stick to flower nowadays. Everything’s been getting washed down and cut since legalization

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