Sjoerd Broeks: Legend of Cannabis Genetics at The Pharm & Sunday Goods (S1 Finale in Willcox, AZ)

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  1. Another excellent episode in an excellent series. By far the best on the web. Respect to your production crew.

  2. Sad day. End of season. When’s season two coming y’all xD This is straight bud porn to us peasants in the sloth states.

  3. Recommending to everyone ! I absolutely love this series and wish I found it earlier. So damn good. thank you guys!!

  4. Product pushing at its finest….lol…so…so you just hand trime….no we machine trime as well ..oh really what machine do you use?…and when big money gets involved?..hello…where are you sitting??
    Oh Canada 🇨🇦

  5. I love this series, i don't grow or even smoke cannabis but i love growing different things so i can also proudly say: fuck mites.
    Congrats on an interesting show, cheers to the team.

  6. Does the Centurion Pro Gladiator also capture the kief as the buds tumble through, similar to the hand trimming process?

  7. The growers house headquarters is in Tucson!!!!!!!! I live here and ain't no that, plus for such a major company in the weed biz it's crazy how much the weed sucks in Tucson. I would think Tucson would have better weed with the everybody knowing growershouse.

  8. Good stuff as always. Love to see more feature vids on some small home grows. The big corpo grows are cool, but home grows for the WIN! lol

  9. What a great end to a fantastic season! Shout-out to everybody that made it possible, its been fun, informative and entertaining. I've learnt so much in 8 episodes… Here's to you guys, cheers!

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