1. The argument against legalisation falls completely flat when you live in a society where alcohol is legal. Its baffling that we have a natural medicine, which has been proven to be a safer alternative to the copious amounts of opiates the pharmaceutical industry love to shove down our throats… time to free the weed – although, I hate to break the news, but it's already free, the only difference in keeping it illegal is the government aren't benefitting at all, they are just wasting our tax money on pointless endeavors that do nothing but stifle access to those that could benefit. Absolute madness.

  2. Omg had to instantly turn off because of "marujuana". Man, your from the UK. Why not call it cannabis? Such a horrible and stupid word with a racist history. Ffs.

  3. if weed were made legal at the federal level it could be much better for the environment. Since it is still a federal crime to transport weed across state borders (even between two legal states) every state has to set up their own grow operation. Now that IS bad for the environment. But if weed were federally legal, you could just have a small handful of states mass produce the stuff (California/PNW perhaps) and then they could just export it to the rest of the country.

  4. We're still working on cigarette smoke getting into non smoker houses and public places. If you're not going to make that worse, I don't care what you're smoking.

    And use renewable energy on the lamps, please.

  5. A lot of people use weed to escape from their problems, stress instead of facing it on their own. It should be legalised and make it easier to get support so they can overcome their obstacles whatever it may be.

  6. As a Scot living in Canada pre and post legalization, I can tell you it's fantastic to be ablt to go to a safe, clean store and buy what you want. Pay the tax, that's the only way.

  7. Legalize it, regulate it, tax it, and apply the tax revenue to recovery programs for those people who have trouble with it. The benefits of legalization so far outweigh the negatives that it's almost criminal not to legalize it.

  8. The whole alcohol vs weed comparison you’re making isn’t entirely comparable, IMHO. Alcohol, despite several fake-news articles stating it has health benefits, does not have any health benefits compared to the damage it does to your body. Cannabis on the other-hand, taken correctly (ie, not smoking it), has multiple health benefits, including cancer killing benefits! So comparing alcohol (very bad for you) and weed (very good for you) is like comparing arsenic with water for me; just shouldn’t really be done.

    I do believe, however, that, at least in the UK, the weed supply is so THC driven, that CBD (the actual stuff that has most of the health benefits) is continually lowered to give a more euphoric “high”. I understand this principle; if you’re buying weed you want to know it’s good and the best way to tell is by smoking it and feeling that “high”.

    If weed was legalised, we’d be able to actually know the exact THC to CBD ratio, which will improve our experience and health benefits of the drug.

    Additionally, the reason we know so little about the effects of the drug is that, because of the il-legalisation, it’s become illegals for scientists to study the drug.

    As to why weed is still illegal in so many countries is beyond me. The US first made it illegal, NATO followed suit, then it became clear the US made it illegal because of their “racist” agenda; a way to criminalise Mexican’s. But now some states have legalised it recreationally, because, well it just benefits everyone involved. Yet NATO, still threatens to punishing any country which legalising weed. This is the world we live in

  9. Hey TLDR have you thought about creating keychains for your merch store ? i think they would work well with the country shoe designs 🙂

  10. I think when we talk about suicide rates of young people that smoke weed, we need to try and control better for the smoking. There's also the question about whether they would have been done it if they didn't smoke, whether they started smoking due to depression or anxiety, etc. Certainly some of these people are turning to drugs as an escape, and the drug use is more a symptom of underlying issues (why do they feel the need to get high?) rather than a cause of more apparent ones.

  11. just talked to an accute medical nurse who said weed is the only drug they dont see people addmitted to hospitol after having an overdose. go figure…

  12. Super strains 😂😂😂😂😂 HAHAHAHA! What a retard man. Btw NOBODY SMOKES HEMP😂 that’s why it has 1% and the GREAT THING ABOUT STRONGER MARIJUANA is that you can SMOKE WAYY LESS and get the same high as smoking a FULL GRAM of total CRAP. Less smoke in the lungs is always better. Hilarious how he said people smoked hemp that had 1% of thc then said now marijuana strains are up to 30😂 hemp is NOT MARIJUANA lnao

  13. Ultimately, I think that it’s violence that make people more violent , not drugs

    If we want to solve any issues with society, let’s look at the root causes not symptoms – it’s toxic psychological environment which creates vicious circle of violence.

    IMO investing in all kinds of education (psychological “know thyself” as well as professional) is the only way out

  14. correlation and causation are not the same. also dropping out is not a bad thing it just means you see that the predetermined societal path is not always the best route just as many great pioneers and innovators did in the past!

  15. weed hardly affects reaction time, the delay whilst within the legal drink limit is well above the delay you can get even if you smoke a whole gram of weed. therefore the driving argument is nonsense!

  16. It DEPENDS. People who say life went unchanged after legalization are not being honest. I voted for it and regret it. I am not a user, but thought if others like doing it, why not, since alcohol and tobacco are legal? However, all the regulations put in place that made me decide it would be OK to vote for it turned out to be a sham. "No smoking in public, no smoking in parks, no shops too close to schools, etc". Well, all those things are happening and are getting worse, the police does nothing and people who used to assure that the regulation was going to be strict now say you are pathetic for complaining about the lax enforcement; city hall changes the restrictions later on to allow even more shops much closer to schools and parks. I live two blocks from a school and ONE block from a shop. Not making it up! So, if potheads are going ignore the regulations and treat you as a loser for having fallen for their campaign lies, might as well just let them stay in their current hiding holes, since they already get to smoke it anyway. At least this way you won't have to constantly smell the stench of monkeys in a zoo.

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