September 2019 Outdoor Organic Garden Walk Through

In today’s episode I will show you the flower development since the start of October, as well as share images of the PH leaf twist manifestation issue I had as well …


  1. how i deal with brocken branchs is to hold the branch back in place , rap the wound with toilet paper and then rap the whole think wit duct tape . so that the tape is not touching the wound but it seals the br break at ether end of the dressing. that normaly works , if the branch is heavy ill then tie half way up the branch to the main stem , but then you got a cage so you wouldnt need to do the last part.
    i also take away dead leaves . first reason is it breaks down and gives plant eating bacteria a place to start and spread from and 2 any nasties that are looking for just these kinds off plants has somewhere to live. i dont know how much trouble you have with molds , there where you live. but here it is rife . as such we do everything we can to reduce the chances of mold forming on are plants. i figure its safer if you burying them . but then when you burying them , your proberbly disterbing the soil at the same time.

  2. Just sit back and image 20 years from now …you'll be on top off it all…great vid my man…"without struggle there is no progress"-Frederick Douglass

  3. Man I just looked at all the stuff you use and man there is such a wealth of information there and I will be using the most of what you have there. BIG THANK YOU. You the man

  4. Man I thing they are looking fine. I bet you will be able to get a buzz off it and that's what counts. Great job my friend you have done a wonderful job. Those buds are looking pretty good to me. Fine job my man all the information you share is like gold to me. Thank you

  5. Nice garden walk through, I've smoked some nice weed off of small plants. I'm afraid we're running out of time here in Michigan, and I've learned one major change I'll make next year, I'll start my seeds earlier next year! (we live & learn, right?)

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