1. If spiritual people are not intimately connected to the environment and environmentalism…..then all spiritual talk is pointless. Indeed, it will be just spiritual masturbation.

  2. I like that you said mass awakening. During this political campaign, I'm noticing people who never saw poverty as a real thing are opening their eyes; people are waking up to notice that humanity is all around. I hope I can step up to par.

  3. I cleaned my closet and my place on my birthday August 15th, felt better than I ever felt but got Locked Up in a mental hospital for 17 Days. I hope it was part of the process lol

  4. I find past events in my life and things that once upset me no longer bother me. I can look upon these things and think they are what they are without twinges of emotion. I feel so free.

  5. THAAANKS THAAANKS THAAANKS I'm 7th Sept 83…your BAM on.

    I'll check you more I want a good astro..keep getting BLOCKED..my house keep trying to move paid just freeing me and me freeing past..same 4 years massive similarities between ASTRO alwqys been cleaning in and OUT

  6. Thank you Victor ๐Ÿ™. You are so Spot on. Yes, I have been decluttering within myself and my house. I feel so light. I love your videos. You inspire and influence me.

  7. Holy literally amazing , brother its like you know exactly where i am at in my life. This is literally the last push i needed to get through what im getting through. Amazing channel amazing vibes. God bless everyone literallly

  8. โ€œI know it seems dire in some parts of your life right now, but focus on the anewโ€ omg hearing these words bring such a peace to me right now, I could cry. I believe those of us that are aware are dealing with a lot right now and learning that we have to be our own warriors! 2019 is showing me this and I bet anyone reading this comment is learning that too! Itโ€™s tough and scary but we can all do this!

  9. It's nice to hear confirmation that my limbo – "the in between stage" isn't just me. Thanks for the description of your friend's journey. It resonates, big time!!

  10. Just your voice speaking is helping me clear. Im sensitive to sound. Your intentions are clear. Your a kind and compassionate soul my friend. Keep spreadin it around. Very inspired. Thank you.

  11. Gratitude always. Ive missed ur wisdom. Due to my circumstances i haven't seen ur videos in 2 months. I forgot how to navigate vic any randomness for me?

  12. Heโ€™s totally way in/out there in the most awesome higher dimensions of consciousness. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโค๏ธ

  13. I've been going through this for about 6 months. My memory is swiss cheese & I can't focus on anything else but what's coming. It's really uncomfortable & bad energy keeps trying to to drag me back into engaging with the past I'm purging. Extremely stressful & painful.

  14. Thanks. You are venerated with the spiritual energies of the feminine. The NEW ENERGIES. HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE. U CLEANED THE KITCHEN BRO. YOU ARE AFTER THE HEARTS OF THE COLLECTIVES. MEN TAKE NOTE OF A MAN "WHO WENT AND SOLD ALL HE HAD TO BUY THAT ONE PEARL. ("A HAPPY LIFE".) Great Talk. Great Communication. Really, really good.

  15. I LOVE all of you and want u 2 no 2gether we CAN accomplish our mission of raising the vibration on this planet! I wish you all abundance in all areas of your life!!

  16. Thank you Victor! You inspired me to start my own channel & I gave you and Aaron Doughty shout outs I wanna thank you 4 sharing all your beautiful gifts! This is what I've bn saying WE have a bigger purpose so its time 2 step out and share our knowledge with the collective!!! Good luck on your writing venture I cant wait 2 read it!!!!! Namaste and sending love 2 u & yours!!!

  17. wow…i needed this and understand completely. i have supernatural faith. it scares people. mass awakening will wrap up sundown the 21st i understand from my end. thank you so much. i would like to encourage people to start journaling.

  18. AWESOME! I feel it and seeing it all around me. Especially the numbers 333. And just so happen Iโ€™m number 3.3 that liked this video.

  19. Ty for this .. in between hit home.. I feel like I'm going thru dark night of the soul.. I'm ready for that part to end.. my birthday is next week hopefully it brings new exciting energies.. I don't like this in-between stage.. ty so much for this Victor.. love n light! โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿค—โœจ๐Ÿ’›

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