1. I thought your channel got taken down with everyone else's, glad I found you again, you were always my favorite back in the round table days and even before that.. Always had the best, healthiest looking grows, I see nothing has changed. Lol. Cheers!

  2. Greengenes I always enjoy watching yur vids n info is always good Da garden is slamming bro, looks like those lites r goin to do an awesome job bro 👍🙏🖖✌️😎

  3. Check out stem color and stiffness also leaf texture. I have found that different light spectrums drive different nutrient uptake. Sometimes they show in ways that look like deficiency and may not be, sometimes there are deficiency. ✌💚💨

  4. Love that youre back with spectrum side by sides, was my favorites on your channel. How many percent of the output is 660 on the photo boost side?

  5. I appreciate every thing you have done gene so much and so does my garden, watching and following from the UK… when your in the UK drinks are on me

  6. Love the updates! One question how are you watering this run? I noticed your drip system just curious on your watering schedule. I'm switching from rockwool to coco but still want to do recirculating top feed any thoughts? Any info is much appreciated thank you.

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