1. That e tire private server has got to be hands down the absolute dumbest most ridiculous thing I've ever seen ! Especially just for a single blackberry and automated emails that she herself barely used ! Moving it repairing it and patching it and blah blah blah so not with the aggravation omg ! So irresponsible ! PRN Lenovo yahoo outlook apple mail server unspeakable gmail transport layer security SSL ????? Kyiv ?? Honestly I like everyone but that's by far the stupidest and most irresponsible thing I've ever seen in any government anything absurd and just unnecessary what exactly did it accomplish besides ruin everyone's lives ? All for email unspeakable I never once used a email and yet I have more than fifty email addresses ?????? Yahoo gmail apple aol and that HP printer cmon now that's ridiculous New York Washington New Jersey omg bad memories extremely difficult to relive those days freedom of information act started or was one of the beginning things with idiot Logan Paul Remember and his fifty accounts on Facebook he was w Everyone and administrator those names are too familiar why would anyone keep that thing up and running for email ? Just stupid and so unnecessary ! I don't understand ? The secure code thing the Feds couldn't figure it out either ? Just ask Declan on recess break ? That's easy for Declan I think recess is twenty min so give him ten and he will be all good with everything and be able to translate and pull those emails apart piece by piece the fact that the cab driver couldn't find the location of the server is unspeakable ! Patient but not to bright obviously ! The foundation oh I could go on and on and on ! It's upsetting that both sides were aware of this issue and nobody did anything and watched innocent lives her destroyed over greed or worrisome that it would get their own lives in trouble ! Should have just throw that server in the fucking trash and let it alone more aggravation then anything else ! AT&T or lowercase at & t what's up with dat Cingular ? These phones are hooked to email or Nathan and don't ring or send text messages without a tty relay service or handicap service in the middle with a switchboard front board backboard yeah but the cloud with two D's or the backboard with two d's as well and the crypto just went to Hilary to Jared and that platform the digital advertising platform it's like a pinball from side to side and using things as it's convenient and trying to cover it up with both sides and every industry and company that's available or involved ! Instead of just dealing with it quietly and fixing things so nobody ever has to deal with it again ? Makes no sense to someone that tells the truth and doesn't have any reason to hide anything or lie or cover anything up ! What's the point now it's going to destroy the next batch of people and ex employees and ex presidents and ex Congress people do you see where I'm going with this ? Until someone speaks up and addresses this or mentions it and addresses it quietly this AINT NEVER EVER EVER GOING ANYWHERE ! Sooner or later you will start speaking English ! I didn't come this far and go through a living hell for rich arrogant obnoxious people that are selfish and greedy and too proud to admit they made a mistake and it needs fixing ! Instead your risking losing everything and your freedom and families livelihoods and ex directors of every agency in the intelligence community – wow I hope it's with all that aggravation ! I would have stroked a check two years ago and been all done with this nightmare in an hour and now google Facebook Instagram everything is getting ripped apart and investigated again and again and going to testify again and again ! Are you feeling me yet or seeing where I'm going with things yet ? I don't care who what or where you are your gonna speak English ! Non negotiable ! Deal with reality and get it the fuck over with already and grow up and don't dare touch anything on these smartphones ! I gotta have a constant wire connected to my smartphones all three of them I need electricity meanwhile you guys are giving away new everything and providing employees with new devices and all kinds of free things and benefits ! That's adorable and I really appreciate the help and most of all the apology ! Never once did anyone ever apologize to me or my parents and that's unspeakable ! This one situation has single handedly destroyed the entire world and technology and intelligence agencies ! I think you may have picked the wrong guy ! And it's going to continue to get much much worse until it's dealt with ! I don't know why it's so hard to say you made a mistake and with the trillions of dollars you all have made from this situation it's not hard to just write a check and say that it's over and squared away and apologize and put it behind us or else w wry one is going to literally end up going to prison seriously ! Cause those republicans on fox are out for blood and same for the democrats so the people in the middle are going to get their lives destroyed utter chaos and disruption destruction actually ! That's so risky and dangerous to watch more innocent lives get ripped apart unnecessarily is just unspeakable and if you can do that and watch the third round of careers and investigations go through torture then you just belong in prison and shouldn't e we get out of jail ! I'd actually go check myself in now and get a head start so maybe I could see a sunset one more time before the climate destroys everything once and for all ! Talk about taking things to the max degree and lying and doing everything except just fix the problem just backward and sick to see the mass corruption it's all only cause of money ! Take that out of the equation – what's left ? How can y'all sleep at night knowing what you have been doing and watching unfold ? That's a very difficult pill to swallow ! Living with this info and knowing you could have prevented so many lives and careers from getting destroyed and you say there and did Nathan ! I mean Nathan not even a post card Nathan ! Unspeakable even if I forgave you God won't ever forgive what you have done to innocent bystanders ! So unnecessary ! Pointless and stupid ! Can't understand why anyone would want to go through this for no reason ? Just deal with it ? Why is that so hard ! Both sides are guilty and at fault so admit it and have the middle inspector just address it quietly and get this over with it's been hard enough for everyone involved ! My god !

  2. Love Bill, Dems, Obama and the U.S. but I’ll never forgive Hanoi Jane and her BS propaganda show who literally called for the death of U.S. POW’s and Marines in Vietnam. She can suck a big fat one. 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

  3. Posting in sep. 2019. And all their worst nightmares came true…and then some. 1 more year to go is the silver lining this year.

  4. The TDS is so thick here I can't believe it. Didn't vote for Trump in 2016, but I will in 2020. Hope it gives someone a "bad day".

  5. Love Bill, but my comment deals with Ms. Fonda. I ran into her at my former bank. She was there to close her account along with a gang of native Americans protesting Standing Rock. She is the stuff great Americans are made of .

  6. NOT russia russia russia ISRAHELL ISRAHELL ISRAHELL
    Jared, Bebe, AIPAC, 666, MBS and CHINA! But we didn't want the Clinton MIC Foundation starting WWIII, we'd be in that by now. The trumptard clown is more worried about public opinion than killary does. "We saw, we came he died. LOL"

  7. conservatives never wanted to take the drugs in the first place cuz they were tricked into it by big pharma bribing doctors to over-prescribe…soo….conservative addicts can not be compared to liberal-addicts cuz the conservatives actually deserve treatment cuz they're the ones that acted in good will where as the liberal addicts were being reckless and self-destructive

  8. Hanoi Jane Fonda would have been charged with treason if not for money and fame. She is still a commie sympathizer to me.

  9. Popejoy Hall in Albuquerque New Mexico!!! very intimate, a great venue for a sit down with the host of the show. I'll bet it went Very Well. Popejoy Hall is on the University of New Mexico Campus. one of his last campus gigs I'll bet.

  10. Now that Muller said no collusion with the Russians – how dumb Bill Maher and Kieth Oberman look now – FAKE NEWS – just look at the corruption of the FBI, DOJ, and Obama Administration – these are the real criminals.

  11. What kills me, is how Hollywierd brainwashes people, who are so weak they just follow along like zombies, and believe there are "special people" allowed to make racist comments that nobody else can, ZERO repurcussions or backlash.
    Are you KIDDING me?
    THAT RIGHT THERE, tells you how ridiculously STUPID Americans are.
    I'm totally convinced that disgusting shit like this is a test, just to check "FUCKING STUPID" level of American public (measured by "likes")
    Daily struggle to remain positive, knowing so many idiots exist today, who agree with any/everything they hear on TV/from celebrities/friends / family equally zombie-like.
    PEOPLE -wake up & start using YOUR OWN mind, before it's too late.
    What do I mean?
    Google it. Google something IMPORTANT. PLEASE.
    Will do some good to get your head out of your ass, away from Netflix … WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  12. Propaganda whore.
    Surprised they don't "Hollywood" audience reactions, I'd be embarrassed for this guy if I actually gave a shit about him.
    Which I don't because he's just another monkey used by guys pulling his strings, to get other monkeys talking about shit they care about.
    And monkeys, they only understand and believe monkey-talk, from other monkeys.

  13. Hearing/seeing an overuse/repeating of "actually", "obviously" and other words/phrases? Learn more about the conspiracy facebook @ColePhoenixWolvesforHire. Allegedly.

  14. Hearing/seeing an overuse/repeating of "actually", "obviously" and other words/phrases? Learn more about the conspiracy on @t. Allegedly.

  15. Hearing/seeing an overuse/repeating of "actually", "obviously" and other words/phrases? Learn more about the conspiracy on @t. Allegedly.

  16. We are not sore losers and we want to get elected. Plan: Stop extracting oil and gas out of the ground and hold marches led by celebrities.

  17. That's where Bill was wrong saying
    Trump will get criticism " from both sides".. Fast forward to the presesnt..The spineless Republican leadership is mum on THAT notion.. The Democratic frontrunners need to get their heads out of their asses and unite
    into ONE CAUSE and prevent a Trump encore.. Republicans are the masters of unity and the Democratic leaders don't see that because they have their heads up their asses!
    WE CAN AND MUST DEFEAT THE ORANGE BUFFOON in 2020.. Make a copy of the Bill of Rights because if Trump wins again that will possibly be the end of those Rights as we know them.. Gun owners? Just wait.. ( I believe in 100% gun rights for all) Meanwhile, while we Americans fight amongst ourselves…… Others Are Watching!
    ✌💖 TO ALL

  18. I wrote myself a post-it note when I watched this, with the date. …I re-watch it every six months or so, because it's so classic. Jane Fonda is so friggin out of touch, and you'd never know, given all the audience fawning and clapping, plus Bill's ass-kissing. Listen, keep it up Jane. Get your celebrity friends going with walks and rallies as early and as often for 2020 (if you live that long), because people like you, Ashley Judd, Don Lemon, the Cuomo's, Madonna, Alec Baldwin, etc., etc., etc. are so blind to the fact that the vast majority of Americans don't want their celebrities or athletes telling them what to do politically, or who to vote for. So much that they will continue do exactly the opposite of what you say. Hopefully, you still have the same attitude. I'd hate for you to figure out that shutting the fuck up is your best course of action….

  19. Would you please help me out and do a bit on the Precariat. Guy Standing will inform the most. I would love to hear. Please and thank you.

  20. Bill Maher Resueced us from being too serious among each other Bill Maher is skilled in what does & at the same time Staying Real

  21. At no point in her rambling did she come close to anything that could come close to a rational thought we are all now dumber from hearing it i award her no points and may god have mercy on her soul lol

  22. Voting, use it or lose it.this midterm we spoke up. We are set up by our system to revolt peacefully, thanks to our founders.

  23. Sounds like crying to me. But she (Jane) has no clue. Like the Dems. No platform, with the party being run by 2 half black guys, one muslim, and you still wonder why we lose Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, etc. No economic plan; Foreign policy? No clue. Crying louder doesn't work.

  24. "Right now is a test of character for the American people." Heather McGhee summed things up perfectly with one little sentence.

    I edited my original comment after I heard her say that, and realized my first comment did not speak well of my character. We all need to change the way we interact with each other or America is done, and being polite online to everybody is a decent place to start. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but we all know how hard it is to be polite to certain people online.

  25. "We gotta include race and class in everything we do" — this is exactly what's wrong with the Democratic party.

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