S10:E10 harvest, dry, weigh in, incredible bulk, thinkbig, cannabis grow finale

season 10 finale, that wraps up this season, see you back in a few weeks for all new nutrients, grow style, and genetics grow. /Cheers and appreciation to you …


  1. Idk if you realize that there’s a web site called Leafy that will let u know everything u need to know about your plants. Height,time , everything.

  2. Hey man, love the channel. Seen your lsd25 auto grow. Just got 10 seeds from fastbuds. Any tips for that strain you can give me? Did you keep the temps colder than average to really bring out the purple towards the end?

  3. Looking good nice grow shg!!! I've been doing mephisto now for about a year and I am having good luck with chemdoggin it handles defoiliation very well. I just finished a grow 5 plants under 1000whps and I got 40 ounces . The previous grow of chemdoggin was 36 ounces same set up. And the smoke is amazing!

  4. Awesome grow. Great work and enjoy. I am super impressed with the lights you made, what a huge difference they made. Yeah I would love to see what they do to shorter plants. They will probably get really colourful and dense.

  5. Great video looking forward to see how the blocks work for you. Will probably try it myself after I see your great results. Keep up the great growing.

  6. that was a great grow my friend cant wait to see the next round I am especially interested in the big grow dan blocks lol I was thinking of trying them but I heard they are very unforgiving if you mess up and over or under water

  7. Try the glueberry og by dutch passion it's awesome just ran 3 and got two going now it's a killer hash plant and Barney farms blue cheese and blue mammoth u will be pleased 😁

  8. WOW how crazy!!! Im at the 22:05 part of the video and I just received a comment from you on my video!
    We like started watching each others videos around the same time.
    Love your work brother!!!!

  9. I was diagnosed with Chronic Depression and Anxiety at 16 I know I started feeling depressed way back before 16 but something in my life triggered it, so I found weed I smoked 1 gram every 2 days, and people around me said that I rely on it too much, which made no sense how is a little joint a day relying on it? So just to prove to them and myself that I'm not addicted I said I was gonna take a 1 year tolerance break, and I havent smoked since last year May, it's been the hardest thing ever, feel super down but I just tell myself hey you did it which makes super proud, I'm growing right now looking to smoke again in October, and dont people rely on Coffee? Alcohol? They come home from work excited because all they wanna do is sit on their couch and drink beer or go out to a bar and socialise or even people taking pharmaceuticals I'm not judging byt I'm just making a point like how is me smoking a 0.5 gram joint a day is relying on it

  10. Cutting early doesn't matter too much as long as you get a good flush still makes for decent smoke honestly, obviously not full potential but usually makes good butter or hash rosin

  11. Very nice great work my friend.!! Where did the dark devil come from!!? Looking forward to the summer grow.!!!! I'm trying jacks and coco next run myself 😁

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