Root Pruning Marijuana in the Current Culture Undercurrent System

How to root prune marijuana in the Current Culture Undercurrent System. I only do this 2 – 3 times during the grow cycle depending on the roots. Now the reason …


  1. my plants are clogging up my hydro system totally so its starting to over flow the water , i dunno what to do , i have those regular wite tubes , the roots have grown so thick and both ways they are clogging up the water passage , i dont wanna hurt the plants by trying to cut the roots up either … i dunno what to do … –_–

  2. I noticed in background that the buckets looked like they were insulated along with the return line. If so, have you noticed the temperature being more consistent with those. Also what’s the spacing of your buckets. Would a greater distance bucket require less pruning in your opinion. Due to the distance it needs to travel or is it more a best practice type of thing you do either way. Do you use CC nutrients also?

  3. Finally someone else that does this….wet floors are a pain! Great set up are you on insta? If so londoncitygenetics love to see more bro!

  4. Nice job man. I do this to my clones in the ez cloner. They will go from 5 or 6 long roots to a big puff ball ready to launch everywhere. If done alot it can even slow them down a little if ya need more time in the cloner. Can I ask what base nutrients and what ppm ''on 500 scale'' your useing cause your girls like perfect. Super healthy.

  5. I've try to try it in my system but I can confirm that the roots will grow into the return manifold and possibly reduce the flow in one or both of the return lines.

    Nice video, thanks.

  6. my bro in Montreal had the very first one off the assembly line and he says never ever touch your roots the more the better the current culture it's made not to plug up

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