1. My wife hated hunting til i had her watch meateater with steve rhinella..now she loves it…(she may have a crush on him)

  2. Well of course the pervert survived, White people did not give a shit back then, blow a few of those island people's heads off and they're behave.

    It's the same reason why tiger attacks so so common in certain areas. Send a few guns in to instill fear into that tiger population and you'll have a LOT less tiger attacks.

  3. I have a theory. What if all this cave paintings created that depict alien crafts were really just advanced humans who didn’t contact the indigenous tribes and just observed them with things like helicopters. Then when a natural disaster happened, all of the advanced people died and all that was left were these tribes because the could live off and the cycle just continues and continues every time a devastating natural disaster occurs.

  4. The DEMOCRATS/SJW/LGBTQ will soon be tribes that only have "contact" with each other. Any attempt to contact them is a triggering event, which will soon be a felony.

  5. Turmeric isn't as good as an ibuprofen which you can buy for as little as a penny a pill otherwise it would be recognized as a medicine and not just a spice for cooking and colouring, it is not a potent anti inflammatory.

  6. Hey Joe!

    If my Aunt had a dick she’d be my Uncle

    You’re an alt right shill and you don’t even realize it 🐑 having Andy Ngo on your platform how’s that feeling now? Idiot.

  7. I wanna be interviewed by Joe Rogan😁👍, could do with a job aswel Joe do ya need any plumbing work done, maybe a new luxury bathroom or new boiler?😃😄😅……………

  8. Holy shit!!! A young Jamie sighting in front of the camera!!!!! I imagine this is what ppl feel like when they've seen a bigfoot. Lol my heart is racing and my body is tingily all over. God damn boys a freakin young jamie sighting out in the open!! Woohoo baby!!!

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