Riding Along with Amsterdam Cops – The Jim Jefferies Show

Jim rides along with a pair of Amsterdam policemen on patrol and discovers a friendly, nearly crime-free city. Subscribe to Comedy Central: …


  1. lates studies showe The flourishing drug economy has virtually free rein in Amsterdam. The government lacks the knowledge, control and endurance to stop criminals and their henchmen. Moreover, the Netherlands has become "the European hub" for the trade in cocaine and other drugs. After all, there are good connections: by air, by sea and by road. Moreover, the financial and digital infrastructure make the Netherlands attractive to criminals from all over the world.

  2. What is also noticeable in the Netherlands, is that there are 2 kinds of cops. You got the bald grumpy old man cop and the chill young short bearded cop. I only see those 2 types

  3. Dutch cops: We need some tasers to protect ourselves when a police baton and pepper spray won't work.
    American cops: We NEED THEM F*CKING ASSAULT RIFLE's!

  4. Fuck ameriKKKa compared to holland.
    i dont like the mass of touristas in amsterdam but your country is worse than nazi germany ever was.
    fuck american cops🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  5. As a British gay man the bearded cop in this video is so cute, isn't he? As a 19 year-old many years ago I travelled by train between Brussels, where one of my sisters lived, and Amsterdam so as to catch a plane from Schiphol Airport to Manchester and I was sorry that I hadn't spent the entire fortnight of my holiday in Amsterdam.

    The entire country's just beautiful and the city of Amsterdam itself is immaculate and everyone's so friendly and outgoing. Add to this the fact that most Dutch people speak perfect English therefore there's no language barrier and they love us Brits – especially those of us who are teetotal and prefer to smoke a spliff ( or two or three! ) rather than get pissed every night and become falling-down drunk.

    Kudos to you, Jim, for smoking a joint in one of their cafés while those cops were waiting for you outside – the studio audience's reaction to that was priceless, wasn't it? 🙂

  6. I was in Amsterdam a year ago. I felt places like Paris were far more sketchy and crime ridden. And weed is illegal in France. Amsterdam was also much cleaner. I loved the dam.

  7. I lived in Amsterdam for about 6 months, about 400 m down the road from the Johan Cruyff Arena, where their football team Ajax Amsterdam plays. While it got noisy on game days, and there were plenty of drunken fans whooping it up after the matches, nothing ever really happened. Even at 6'6" (1.96m), I felt like average height there, and the volleyball team I was playing with, Brother Martinus, was like "Trees R Us", I was below average height on that court. Their young setter, Peter Blange, was 6'9' for cryin' out loud…

  8. there are many crimes but dutch criminals keep everything on the low and weed is legal if ur an adult the limit it 5 grams of weed

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