Rescued Guinea Pig Walk Through Special Cases April 2019

We have many guinea pigs so that means we get in many many sick guinea pigs as well. This is the April update, the good and the bad. Saskia also shows how …


  1. My Piggy, Romeo is SO like Pablo. He bites any chance he gets it cam be a bit frustrating at times cause i just want to hold him nicely and cuddle/rub him but i have to be super on guard so he's not as much fun as I was hoping he would be lol

  2. Love this! I wish we could have brought home a friend for our piggy but she didn’t like any of the 4 we tried to pair her with there😢 but thank you LA rescue for the Midwest cage❤️ our girl is so happy!

  3. I rescued one and don't know what I'm doing. I'm in Portland Oregon. Any advice would help. I'm low income and can not afford a vet.

  4. How do you set up a cage properly for the guinea pigs I would appreciate your help on that I would like to do it right thank you

  5. I got Two guinea pigs I love them I glad you are doing this so y'all help me to look after them if I have any questions I'll ask are you have any ideas where to get stuff I'll be glad to get to know thanks to you I also wish the stores that sell like guinea pigs tell them how much work it's involved and how to look after better and then try to sell them so you know all they care about is money I know it's a lot of work but I'm willing to do it thank you for your help

  6. How much vit C to give per day and for how long? My daughter just got a GP that is a bit boney and not that well taken care of by his previous owners.

  7. Hi Saskia OMG I really love your passion and love for these little babies. But I'm in South Africa I don't know where to get that specific vitamin c you use, is there a another alternative besides the bell peppers, that we have lots here and I give them to my babies and and a whole bunch of other veggies hay and pellets. Thank you lots of love Nancy Kader 💖💖💖

  8. Your senior boy reminds me so much of my George when he got old. I would so take him if I were not do far away. I so hope he finds a home.

  9. I love watching Scotty and Saskia’s videos. My daughter has been asking for a guinea pig for a few years but I don’t think we will get one. They seem to be so Prone to illness it seems every video is about a major health or behavioral issue. I still keep watching because guinea pigs are so cute and entertaining and Scotty and saskia are so loveable. I love their devotion and generosity.

  10. Hi,Saskia!! I need some help info for my young guniea pig, please. For one, he's not eating nor drinking. I've noticed that this all started once he and another guniea I have, had their altercations but this one that's not feeling well named Calica, is the one who's been humping on the other guniea named Taffy which is a male guniea pig as well. They are bk to getting along but Calica I noticed seemed to be uncomfortable laying in the log so now I seperated him from another cage with hay, nibbets n water but he's not eating nor drinking. Do he hv any bite marks or been bleeding? No. He seems to be breathing heavily. He walks around a bit but seems to be comfortable in one spot. I try giving him his food in a syringe but dnt seem pleased about it. Help me please!

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