Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Techniques: Benefits of Compost Tea/ Dr. David White /Green Flower

Learn (and witness) the benefits of adding actively aerated compost tea to your cannabis grow as Green Flower goes on location to the verdant cannabis garden …


  1. compost tea need to be bacteria dominated tea not fungal. Cannabis is not a tree this video is false. All you need to feed your compost tea is molasses thats all.

  2. Grow great weed but my buds never dense they way I would like it on my auto's it trying calmag liquid nuiets then Chang in 3wks change to 2nd bottle forgetting then calmag bloom this time instead of just biobizz need to get nuiets on the money this time natural no LST or topping Nice dutch passion seeds blueberry kush love kush strains indica favorite nice vid ty

  3. This sounds great, but is there really much difference between using the tea and just using compost to amend the soil? Just curious…thanks.

  4. ☝🤓 Listen up folks! All yall spending crazy money on bags of microbes, this is how you do it nature's way 👍. ☝💚💨🍁

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