1. You covered a LOT in this video! I wish it would be legalized in the States, but being in Alabama, I think they would fight to the bitter end before they allowed it. In fact, if you get caught with it twice, the 2nd time gets you a felony no matter how small the quantity. Our prisons have people doing more time for simple possession than some murderers. Sad truth. Thanks for sharing, Eric. Big 👍🏻

  2. Hi Eric, I have a few friends who recommended cannabis to treat the symptoms of MDD instead of medication. I tried all kinds of SSRIs but they made me sick. In my case, cannabis doesn’t work. I still feel very anxious. Mind you I only tried it twice. But this is an interesting conversation. Cannabis is legal here in Canada. I was also recommended cbd oil but it’s so expensive

  3. I smoked weed for 4 years even though I knew it was incompatible with my medication. During that time I was homeless for 2 years and it helped me to get through the day. I'm glad I stopped that, because I never wanted to be like my mom. The boy friends of my second oldest daughter and also of my youngest daughter smoke weed and I can not be around then any more.

  4. Hi Eric, I really appreciated this video! I stopped smoking weed once I saw the crowd of losers I was surrounding myself with to have access, back when it was still illegal in Canada. I especially lost interest after people started dying after smoking weed spiked with fentaqnyl, including a young person from my tiny rural communi9ty. Now that marijuana is not only decriminalised, but actually legalised, I love having access to pre-filled vape cartridges of weed in general, and CBD in particular. Since finding CBD, my insomnia has become a lot more manageable, and I can handle stressful social situations like leaving the house a lot more easily because I know I have what I think of as my anxiety epi pen (weed vape) in my purse.

    Would never use the stuff at work or while driving, but being visually impaired removes those responsibilities from me while giving me new challenges like deeper depression, which getting high helps me with tremendously.

  5. I've been smoking for two years. I can go without for weeks or even months without "needing" it or even feeling like I want it. But I know that when I am smoking regularly my problems melt away. I am actually way more productive when I'm high.

  6. Great video, your opinions definitely make sense and it is cool to hear about this from someone like you who is so into their recovery.

  7. I can use CBD oil but can’t touch weed because of paranoia. In NS Canada it’s sold in liquor stores which is government regulated.

  8. I can hear you…. ;P also I'm not surprised you don't get along with weed. You really ain't a pot head. 😂 Good video, I use it for my mental health & my Crohn's colitis.

    Cannot wait for us to legalise in the UK, at the mo it's usually (at best) sprayed with coca cola in order to add weight, meaning I don't get what I pay for. 🙄

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