1. Read the label of roundup. It is illegal to spray roundup on grains used for human consumption as a desiccant.

    Also, why are you worried about a probable carcinogen in an alcoholic beverage, a known carcinogen?

  2. Roundup Emulates phosphorous and is taking up into plants because of that reason.
    everything you eat and drink with cereals or legume grains is Roundup Contaminated (except organic). Roundup is in the food your stomach is digesting
    ROUNDUP the silent killer

  3. DIGIBYTE will be one of the cryptocurrencies used by the TSA at airports as a source of identification!!

    TSA and others will be using your Cryptos as a means of identification

  4. The Lawsuits and news stories about RoundUp are coming out now because Bayer has a plan. They will be telling everyone they will soon announce the discontinued use of glyphosate. While everyone does victory laps, farmers will be spraying Bayer's LibertyLink herbacide, which is worse.

  5. Not sure about beer but you can shop for BIO DYNAMIC wines and they are supposed be Glyphosate free. GOD DAMN MONSANTO and the people behind all of its Frankenstein chemical experiments

  6. Population control….contaminate the popular drinks and slowly poison the population. We are being attacked from all sides. Chemtrails in the air poisons in our drinks and food 5G microwaves…sounds like a Billy Joel song

  7. i am very happy with cannabis the gov regulates the crap out of it, people complain about the testing and cost of testing but its the best and the beer industry needs the same regulation… guess what if u have farm infected with round up boo hoo destroy crops not use the hops and wheat in beer!

  8. People still buy Monsanto by the gallons and used it without precautions. The product should be banned. Monsanto is in the food that you eat and destroys the nutrients in the crops

  9. Glyphophasate is in the water too. The EPA raised the acceptable level a few years back because it always tested at higher levels than allowed. I believe it was California.

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