1. My ENT said it’s age, I also have an acoustic Neroma sitting on my nerve of my ear, I have used 1/1 CannTrust 😑 and spectrums yellow oil, it has not helped my tinnitus. Dr PAUL MARCK is an ear specialist who has over saw my treatment of my inoperable brain tumor. I find my tinnitus gets much worse, w concerts, movie theatres and places like Costco , I’m deaf now, but CBDOIL has shrunk the tumor! Be careful wearing ear plugs, don’t just yank them out of ur ear!

  2. thanks for this share.but i can say for last 25 day i cure 14 Patient Tinnitus.When I was had Tinnitus for 6 month.i keep serching by my self untill i catch point.fanilly i found raight herb for that Tinnitus.first day i used my Tinnitus drop almost 65% day and 55% at naight.in this time i no ther is working w this herb.scend day was drop 80% mooreing and 75 %at naight.
    2days latter was alomost 90% mooreing and 80% naight.after 1 week is compleet gone.no Tinnitus at all.after all All medicines and medical tests did not help me all.I decided to test this recipe on others infected with this disease. cus was herb so very safe to any one can take it.
    i was give it for 14 patient and some of them was over 7 years had Tinnitus.Some of them recovered after a week and some after 3 weeks. But everyone agreed that they were from the second day, feeling that they had greatly diminished their influence. Even after treatment I advised everyone to take it for a month to make sure that it was fully treated.I am sorry because I can be a fool in writing. any help am glad to do that.

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