Purple Punchsicle Marijuana Monday

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  1. Lol I know many who smoke n drive. And they always have. Its kinda crazy to give you the same charge as if you were drunk when u just smoked a joint . That is one of the worst things about it being legal. Like when I was 19 I was stopped smoking one with friends in my pops truck which I "borrowed" without any license and got caught by the cops . They just told me not to drive for awhile n left. Same situation now n im a criminal n in some trouble over very little

  2. Youngblood invented a time machine NICE !! Still waiting on smell-A-vision lol but one day soon. Cheers REMO FAMILY LOTS OF GROWERS LOVE

  3. Hi! Is it possible to have the name of Michael's led panel!!? How much does cost a lab testing? It must be cheap as he tested his plant or how would he know his donkey butter is 27% THC???
    Renault "le car"??? It is a Renault 5!!!and the turbo and turbo2 were cup winners cars in their time(the tubo2 is still pretty rare and expensive and also looks like a beast!)
    Have a lifted one and lots of good vibes from France growers family

  4. Good 1 remo I'm 38 love everything you all do!!! Was smoking og kush watching! hope your family is doing well! from TN! KEEP UP ALL THE AWESOME WORK YOU DO💪👍🔥💯🌱

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