1. That's all I fuck with is GDP and purp punch. They on point with the review the only thing I'd say is the smell is hella good 9 or 10 and taste the taste i a disappointing ad compared to the smell, I'd give taste a 7 just because the smell is there

  2. Just picked up some of this strain from the 404 in Pueblo Colorado. Excellent level high. Not the most potent late nite shit ever (Gorilla Glue and Skywalker OG are still my two favorite indicas) but still very good. The flavor is amazing and to me personally the high didn't last super long but it was very relaxing and stress reducing.

  3. All these people that want to get punched in the face, by what they smoke, me l enjoy smoking, and looking at it, and tastes good, that's for me., it will be no one on my to grow list,

  4. its my favorite strain by far.. coming at ya July 1 2019 and wish my wife would get home so I can load some punch in my bubbler

  5. And guess what …I saw ur channel high ass fuck on some moonrocks made with purple punch and granddaddy og…I literally understood every single word u guys just said…

  6. Fuck ….I love this shit …purple is always good …if it's on coolaid , pop rocks , and now this magnificent purple punch …šŸ˜Ž

  7. Dank video, check out my marijuana vids on my page if thats what you like. šŸ˜
    Much love to all cannabis users… You rock…

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