1. that guy is smart but it sucks how many years it takes to get something that is present on earth for everyone to consume but the governemtn doesnt "let us" how messed up…we should be allowed now and today, without going to jail for sharing mushrooms with a friend.

  2. If there is one thing you take from what this man is saying, governments and people that you vote for are ACTUALLY POLICING YOUR THOUGHTS AND CONSCIOUS AWARENESS. Time to WAKE UP.

  3. Drug laws are prejudice and racist and are so absurd even politician break them. Lifes too short and even shorter for those following the rules. Be free and create, peace and love always wins.

  4. Eh, i don't like his idea of needing a license and going to a clinic to do Psychedelics for your first time, and then after that you can take the Psychedelic wherever, unless you act up and then your license gets revoked. I think that's bullshit man, just another intrusion of government and i will not stand for it. Any adults, 21 and older, should be legally allowed to go somewhere, pick up some sort of Psychedelic, or grow/make their own or whatever, and do it however they want to, yes they should be responsible and safe and know what they're getting into, but requiring a fucking license? This shit isn't a car dude, it's a drug, a tool, a medicine, unless you start requiring licenses to consume every other drug (which would be absolute bullshit), then one shouldn't need a license to use a Psychedelic. These things are powerful, sure, but they aren't THAT fucking powerful imo, they aren't so powerful that Humans can't work with this stuff on their own, i seriously fucking hate that people treat us like we're kids who don't know any better and how these things are so powerful, they're only to be used by "gods chosen people" or some shit. Fuck that, this is our birthright, this stuff belongs to everyone, everyone should be able to use these things completely legally in any setting they wish so long as they do no harm to others and are being safe and responsible.

  5. Excellent interview, Rick is super fun and smart. We plan to create an animation about the benefits of psychedelics on our channel very soon so this helped a lot!

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