1. Hey ran across this. I have a feral calico I feed who must’ve been hit by a car or something was limping bad. I put MSM in her food and she healed up real quick. I saw it helps with cancer also. I know you’re doing a lot for her already but just an additional approach you may consider. Been busy with some family emergency’s. Love to Miss GD Boo Boo. 💗🙏🏼 https://nutritionandhealing.com/2014/07/23/msms-secret-cancer-fighting-ability-revealed/

  2. Theres a dr who recommends breathing in hydrogen directly. He does it every morning

    Dr sircus is his name. Hes good stuff you probably already know tho

  3. Would ground B17 (apricot seeds) help? One more thing, I looked up the L. Vit C. Why do you prefer or think it’s better than reg absorbic acid?

  4. The C60 is an excellent Hyrogen ion intercellular transport molecule. So it will work very well with the HHO ionizer . Nice 🙂

  5. 'WoW' , this is so touching, to see the love you have for her!!!!😍😊
    I know she feels it as well!
    On a separate note; how is Boot's? he been coming by?

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