Pot black market thriving since marijuana legalization

Almost a year after marijuana became legal, the black market continues to thrive. Adrian Ghobrial reports on the lengths illegal dispensaries are going through to …


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  2. I hope one day there will be no such thing as a black market for cannabis when cannabis is actually legal. When you can grow your own and sell it no problem just like a small garden of vegetables.

  3. The mafia is getting more brazen now theyre putting blocks infront of your store ….back in the day they would just break your stores windows for tax money

  4. What a waste of tax payers money. Legalization was a big joke and was all setup for more money for cops. There's over 50 ex police and politicians associated with the legal producers growing cannabis. Former head of the RCMP and a former Toronto police chef are even involved. Sure some people might just at the price but the real fact is the legal products quality sucks.

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