Police monitoring Pretoria CBD

Tensions remain high in the Pretoria CBD following protests, with taxi drivers claiming one of their own was killed by a foreigner for allegedly trying to stop him …


  1. Make South Africa ungovernable like in apartheid when Oliver Tambo said in the 80s, we won't surrender our land to drug dealers because we are being sold to drug dealers.

  2. I remembered how bad I felt when I watched 'sarafina' describing what South Africans were going through in apartheid. How I felt like fighting a war for them. I feel stupid now. But I am also relieved.
    It's one less country to worry about. If only people would let SA be alone. Look at Zimbabwe now. That's Kharma.

  3. South African democracy and freedom: " Apartheid, Xenophobia, Violence, crime …., And Government support them. So what the next " Genocide " Thank you President Cyril Ramaphosa. You are good supporter.

  4. Itโ€™s only news when itโ€™s black on black violence. Whites have been being slaughtered in South Africa for years. The world yawns.

  5. What makes me laugh is who is allowing drugs in to the country not foreigners it's the high corrupt government officers

  6. Y'all South Africans are just scared of your shadows. Nigerians do better and legal business were ever they go. I know there are bad eggs but 80% of Nigerians are industrious. More over if Nigeria stop partnership with SA, y'all will go hungry. Ask mtn and dstv to name a few

  7. The only people who handled and cleared the drugs and prostitution in peace and very well was Rossetteville community……..They faced the people who were involved not every foreigner and looting from innocent people…if anyone should clean the town's call them atleast they have sense

  8. @Ndumiso buthelezi
    I feel you so much .We blacks called each other foreigners, people of the same colours and blood, have we ever seen anyone who is white from australia call a white person from canada a foreigner? they dont do such is only us in africa who do all this crap .Crime and drug selling is not about country is about individual if a community is misbehaving by not generalizing everyone from such country will help same people can help you point the bad eggs out.. The day this country face the real foreigners and kick them out that day we graduate from being a coward as a country and we a totally free from the oppression that can make any hungry african man deep their hands into wrong doing

  9. The real problem is why do you people let Nigerians enter this country hah ???. For 24 to 25 years this country gets teared down by 90% black people. I am not racist i am pointing out the real problem here

  10. Hate this or like it ,but for me it's a bigger issue if a south African is killed by a person who shouldn't even be here in the first place , that's how i feel , we are scared of Nigerians in our country

  11. ze polize are ze very dumb … ze ztupid morons …. zey are under ze commandmentz of ze nother 60 dumb generals , captainz , majorz . Ze are like sheep ………. ze are fucked

  12. They no longer care they just sell drugs while everyone is watching, one thing I hate the most is the disrespect they have towards women. Maybe the taxi drivers are doing it wrong but something needs to be done, obviously I won't expect someone who never had to deal with what we are dealing with to understand but enough is enough.

  13. The SAPS must not only deal with the striking people, they must be more strict to the drug dealers # Come on South Africas let be one and fight against those one who destroying our beautiful country

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