1. A must-see doc. I was shocked and touched at the same time. We need more filmmakers like Keely Shaye Brosnan, who takes the risk to dig deep where people pretend there are no issue and things are idyllic. Paradise is intoxicated, corrupted, and deadly. The juxtaposition of life on Kauai against the criminal disregard by the US federal government for the island’s way and quality of life is beyond powerful and gives goosebumps. Don't be indifferent, watch it, and please take action!

  2. For too long some of the most pressing environmental concerns of our age have been ignored or swept under the rug. No longer. Poisoning Paradise delivers a bombshell revelation about the horrifying practices of pesticide industries in poisoning the lands and lives of citizens in Hawaii. We're privy to an eye opening journey that features interviews with renowned scientists, authors and the citizens themselves as we get a first hand account of the effects on the local community and the heroic attempts to fight back against big corporations. I was truly impressed by the commitment and passion for the truth displayed throughout and would highly recommend others to learn more by watching.

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